Wednesday, December 9

Wanderlusting Awaaaaaay

Kumareng Grace... This post is for YOU! :)

Wanderlust :
very strong or irresistible impulse to travel
I looooooooooove going on trips and most of the time (well especially when I'm stuck in the office), I often wonder if I'm meant to be elsewhere but here. This also explains why my blog is named that way "I am littlemisswanderlust". I strongly believe that there's a lot to see and discover and the world is and will forever be my playground. That's why I'm determined as hell to travel travel travel. :) Which brings me to...

My 3 Favorite Places:

Despite all my travel dreams... when I'm asked of my favorite vacations spots, it amuses me that I still end up choosing these 3.

First stop: Our house in Nueva Ecija!

Sure, it's all palayans (ricefields) and carabaos... BUT this place is home for me. Every time I feel stressed, lonely, down and even happy, I go home here. The phrase "there's no place like home" really suits me big time. And besides, it's always fiesta time everytime we go home. Ask my friends... :P Mama really cooks up or readies a feast!

Second stop: Baguio!

I have been going to Baguio around 5 times a year since I was a kid and I have to say that there's still a lot to see in Baguio. It's just sad that the city gets more and more polluted each year. People may find it weird when I say that my family prefer pools over beaches, cold weather over sunny ones, that's why Baguio is the default summer getaway place to go to for us. Maybe it's extra special too for me because most of our quick family tours were spent here. Lots and lots of memories were made in Baguio. ♥

Third Stop: HongKong (& Macau)!

My shopping haven! Should I elaborate more?!?!? Oh yes, for Macau, the foooooood! The Egg Tart. Enough said. =P

As for the other places I dream of going to. Hmmmmmm...

Paris! (no need to explain why.. it's every girl's dream destination)
Japan! (overwhelm me with technology please)
Bantayan Island! (a taste of paradise)
Oman! (I grew up here, it would be neat to be able to go back for a vacation)
Korea! (They say it's a pretty pretty place)
China! (I shall conquer the Great wall!)
Chicago! (I want to visit my sister)

This list will never end so I guess it's best to stop listing NOW. ;D

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

agree. there's no place like home :)

yay im targetting beijing next year. sana sana matuloy hehe ;)

witsandnuts said...

I just did my entry. I mentioned about my hometown, too. Nothing beats home. =)

Kayni said...

great list. of all things i miss, i miss the rice fields at home =). definitely Baguio is one of my favorite places too.

Calvin said...

yeah there's no place like home. ako rin favorite spot ko is our place in cebu.

what's with macau's egg tart? favorite din yan ng misis ko. hehe. kaya laging umoorder ng egg tart sa KFC sa beijing. :P

kg said...

yeah, there's no place like home. at the end of every trip, we all troop back home, where we recharge, again. :)

tama ka, baguio is becoming more polluted. and that's a sad thing. sana they get to do something about it because it is a great place.

thanks for joining cza!

dyosa said...

Portuguese Egg Tarts!!! I love love that tart.

Grabe, so many places to visit noh? Such a wonderful feeling to explore and discover the world. :)