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Wide Awake

I've been working nonstop for the past 2-3 days.. All in all, maybe I just squeezed in close to 4-5 hours of sleep during the past days. And now that I'm "free" to sleep again, I just can't force myself to do so. My body clocks' busted already I guess. Oh well... The good thing about it, I just got a call saying that I can rest on Monday and Tuesday and I think they'll still be counted as workdays.. Yey! Much needed paid rest days... :)

Another thing I love about this company.. they know that people do need to rest. ;)

Plans for the weekend:
-Catch up on sleep
-Haircut maybe
-Spend time with Arvic

All related to pampering huh? :P

I'll finally be watching "You changed my life" with my bestfriend Jing. Girl-bonding. :) I am starting to like this weekend already... :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

I'm out.

NOT nice

A pupil of Ateneo de Manila Grade School (AGS) died Tuesday after being pinned in between two vehicles inside the school campus. Read the rest of the story here.

He was a Grade 4 student and was just a kid on his way out of school to go home, be with his family and enjoy his young carefree life. This is a sad sad sad story. Tsktsktsk.

I'm out...

Wow.. addict :P

I just realized that for the past weekend (Saturday-Monday), I got to watch 3 movies. 1 for each day. Whoa. I'm turning into a movie-holic and it's all Arvic's fault. =P Nakakahawa kasi...

Saturday - Gran Torino

Sunday - Valkyrie

Monday - He's Just Not That Into You

And I must say.. there were all awesome! But surprisingly, Gran Torino was my fave among the three. Clint Eastwood was great in that movie. And maybe I'm biased too? The movie has Asians. Love your own kumbaga.. :P

Valkyrie was better that what I expected it to be. I am really not a big fan of Mr. Tom Cruise, but he was good in this one. Eventhough I knew (well, we all know) that Hitler will still be alive in the end (oooops, was that just a spoiler? hahahaha! :P), I was so into the movie and was praying for a different ending. Silly silly...

He's Just Not That Into You.. Well, I expected a lot from this movie. The book was such a big hit (Thanks to Oprah!)... The movie was good, but there was something m…


40 days of fasting begins today... So what am I giving up for the Lenten season... Hmmmm... Rice and shopping. So hello bread or maybe not too much of that also.. and Hello window shopping. Wish me luck!

What will you be giving up this Lent?

I'm out.

Debut? :P

It's our 18th together... :) I'm loving it! I love my guy.. yes i doooooo. :D

Thank you for continuing to inspire me to be better my dearest. You are one awesome dude! *hugs*

Okay.. enough mush. :P


I'm watching the Oscar's now and I must say that I love you Kate Winslet! You are adorable. Oh and yeah... I want your life. :P And Hugh Jackman... You are one sexy sexy man! You can even dance and sing too. ;P

I wish to be part of the Oscar's someday. I'd willingly be a seat filler. Really!

Happy Monday everyone! :)

I'm out!

Ma|ok... :P

This place serves the best litson manok. Well, at least for a very hungry tummy that's stucked in traffic on a Friday night. Hehe! =P Love it!
I am such a fan of great chicken dishes. I have been quoted before saying that if I were stucked in an island and would have 1 unlimited meal to take with me, I said I'll take any chicken dish. Especially the tasty fried and grilled ones. Okay.. there goes my diet. :P
Friday was another date with friends' day for me and Arvic. He went with me to have some drinks with my highschool friends. We're still the same old of us, same old stories, with more mature things to talk about. Lovelylovely bunch. :)
More than 10 years of friendship. Grrrrreat! :)======Weekend's almost over. *le sigh* Another workweek ahead. Positive thought: At least I still have work! :)CARPE DIEM!I'm out.

Revive my writing skills

I miss writing. Literal "writing". I had a very high grade during our Writing class back in gradeschool. Now, my penmanship is uglier by the day. I used to do really great letterings too! Where art thou my writing skills? I miss thee already. *sigh* I guess this is one of the downside of technology... We no longer write.. we just type now. CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Katre Mediterreanean Restaurant

Katre will forever be memorable to me. First.. because I have spent great memories with friends there. Second, we just had our "Vday date" there recently.

They had a special set menu for Valentine's day.

So off to the food...

It was a set menu. And for starters, you can choose between salad or soup. And because we were soup-lovers, the obvious choice was the Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup.

The serving was just right. Just enough to get the tummy started. It was tasty and creamy. The good thing about it is that it does not leave you with a really full stomach. This way, you'll surely still have enough space to enjoy the main course.

Next stop was the main course..
My order:
Herb Crusted LambChops with Mint Jelly served with Couscous Pilaf

It was delicious!!! :) I removed the mint jelly though. I am not a fan of it. Arvic was though. He ate it up. Had it 'medium well' style. The chops were tender and still juicy. The couscous rice was delicious also, it complimented the ch…

Marley made me cry

Last night, we got to watch Marley & Me...

...and the movie made me cry. T_T

It's not supposed to be a dramatic movie ergo I'm not supposed to cry while watching it. But I did. And most of the people watching it cried too I think. Yes, even the guys. :P There were no heavily dramatic scenes in the movie. And the conflicts/issues the characters encountered have all been shown in other movies already. So what makes this different? Well maybe because we can also easily relate to it. The struggles regarding the early stages of marriage, shifting careers, starting a family, getting 'stable'. It hits our generation just at the right time. :) Plus... it's the dog. He is the 'it' factor of the movie. Really. :P Marley is sooooooo stubbornly adorable. Any pet-lover especially dog-lovers would cry in this movie. ^_^

Watch it and see for yourself. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson effortlessly portrayed their roles too. Everything felt real. :) I'd like to have …

My Heart's Day

I have always believed that Valentine's Day is overrated. The overpriced dinners, flowers and stuffed toys. My being practical really gets the best of me during this day. But then again... the mushy side of me overpowers the practical side of me also. Hahaha!

So how was our Vday?

Well.. he got me flowers...

And his mom gave me chocolates! Thanks for the Truffles Tita! :

I gave him my gift also. (I was panicking already coz I just bought the gift a few hours before he arrived. Haha!) Based on the pics... looks like he liked it.

I love how animated he gets when he's excited. His expression is priceless!

Thank you for being my valentine my dearest. :)

Oh yes, this is mush.

I'm out.

Love, It's a choice!

picture is from here. Thanks!

It's the month of loooooooove. And much as I refuse to post something about love this month... Here I am typing away about it. Tsktsk. Shoot me. =p

Anyway, LOVE. I am happy and lucky to say that my life is overflowing with it. Family.. Friends.. Significant other. Check Check Check! :) Yes, I am blessed. I am surrounded by people overflowing with it. And I love love love them all to bits too. It's funny that sometimes I think that I don't deserve this much love in my life... And everytime I think that way, I get even more of it. Papa God really is goooood and funny. He never fails to amuse me. :)

So I'm leaving you with this really meaningful quote. I got it from Hollies' site. :)

But maybe that's what it all comes down to. Love, not as a surge of passion, but as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year aft…

Vacation Mode? Not. =p

pic is from here. Thanks!

My family will be spending 3 days at Holiday Inn Ortigas for free this week. Yey!!! But for some reason, I feel like I'm the penguin in the pic above... I am sooooooo ready for a vacation and I'd like nothing more than to sleep all day and relax, but I know deep down that I'm not supposed to be there. =P Oh well... Nonetheless.. it's still a vacation. And it's for free!!! So I'm gonna try to enjoy it. Wish me luck on trying to wake up early for the next days... I might be tempted by the free breakfast and stay til lunch. Haha! :P

I'm out.

I Won! I Won!

I'm really not that lucky when it comes to raffles and contests... That's why I was really really really surprised when I got an email from Gigi of Embracing Everyday....

Lookie ->

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :DThaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Gigi!!! :)Now that just got me in the mood to try out the lottery! Hahaha! Come on grand prize! :DCARPE DIEM!I'm out.

Signs Signs

Hmmm nice.. :) It actually describes my personality or at least most of it. Got this from Chuvaness . Who got the illustrations from Runce. Who I think is a really really talented illustrator! :) Anyway, you can check your signs HERE.

According to good old wiki.. -> Astrological signs represent twelve equal segments or divisions of the zodiac. According to astrology, celestial phenomena reflect or govern human activity on the principle of "as above, so below", so that the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression

Oh, btw, I heard that there's an eclipse at around 8:30pm today. Too bad, I don't have Rhino (my DSLR) with me today. It would have been great to take pics if the sky permits.

I'm out.

Wham! :)

Arvic and I had the chance to finally eat at Wham! Burgers at the Shangrila Plaza Mall last saturday. A couple of friends raved about that place already and because of that we have to taste it for ourselves...

We have no close-up pics of the burgers though because we were too excited to taste it.

The verdict: We liked it! :) We liked it sooooo much that we ended up craving for burgers today.. Hehe. The price is reasonable too.

Wham with Cheese - P102.00Cross Traxx Fries - P50.00Wham! Burgers, Shangrila Plaza Mall,
Mandaluyong City
Telephone # (02) 634-2093

Try it out and taste for yourself.

I'm out!

Marciano's (Part 2)

Soooooo... we had dinner at Marciano's again last Friday. Obviously, we liked their pasta that much. :P And this time around, I got to take pics of the pasta dishes.. Yey!

Michael Corione Floretti Meatballs - P308.00

There was something different with how the meatballs tasted. Must be the herbs mixed with it. All in all, it was something different from the usual Spaghetti with meatballs, plus.. you can choose the type of pasta noodle you like for the dish.
Next... we ordered the same dish we had the last time because we really liked the chicken! :) Woody's Wild Mushroom Limguini (With prosciutto wrapped chicken) - P328.00

Yummy! :) We were really full afterwards. I think this will be the last time I blog about this place for the rest of the year. CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Poshee, my Pet

So... I am getting addicted to Pet Society. And most especially this....

I love racing.. I'd like to finish 1st on 10 consecutive races! *THE GOAL* :)
And I adore my pet.. Everyone, meet my dear Poshee...
Isn't he cute? *squishes his virtual cheek* Haha!Okay.. I have to stop. Now. It's the weekend already, I'm giddy giddy giddy again. I have a party to go to later and for sure we'll have a blast. Have a great weekend everyone!CARPE DIEM!I'm out.


Finally was able to try Marciano's at GB3 with friends last week.

Ambiance was pretty dark. But it definitely sets a calming mood. A long table was set for us beside the bar. It was easy to call on the attention of the waiters/waitresses, but it was a little bothersome to have them pass our table(from the kitchen) almost every 5 minutes.

We scanned their menu, and I must admit that the name of the dishes were amusing. Most of the dishes were named after famous 'stars' (sports, hollywood, etc).

For starters, we had the following soup:
-Robert de Niro Bacon & Asparagus Creme, Wild Over Wallstreet, Smoked Salmon & Dill.

The way the soup was served was nice.. The soup was tasty. I liked it at first, but after several spoonfuls, I wasn't that fond of it already. I dunno why. :P But the serving was big. I was soooo full after already. I should have shared 1 order with Arvic.

Then came the free appetizer. I wonder why it wasn't served before the soup..

The Sausage and Ch…