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photo is from here. thanks!

I have been sick for the past days. I'm glad I still was able to enjoy the weekend but being such a weakling is getting to be annoying already. I should start eating healthy na kasi. Tsktsk. Note to self : Alagaan kasi ang sarili!!!!

I'm out.


Finally I was able to have Rhino, my beloved DSLR, checked and cleaned. He no longer has that annoying dot in the middle of every shot I take. Lately I have been wondering why most of my friends and family end up having fake moles on their faces when I take pics. Hehehe.

The cleaning cost me P2000. Worth it na rin rather than me having to buy a new DSLR. I was already contemplating buying a smaller digicam but leaning more on Nikon still. Any suggestions? Just let me know.

I'm out. :)
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Starting the year with lights without a bang

To follow the campaign to avoid using any form of firecracker and the like in welcoming the New Year.. we opted for floating lanterns instead. So here are the pics. :)

We failed to make it "float" though. But we still had fun taking pictures with it.

I'm out.


The card that came with the gift said "I'm having the TIME of my life with you. I hope you like your gift".

So I got this »

The little silver watch

And just a month before Christmas I got this from him too »

The big white watch

So... Hopefully I won't be required to wear both at the same time naman ha. :P

Thanks for the watches my dear. I'm having the TIME of my life with you too. ;)

I'm out. ;)
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Blue Christmas

It was literally a blue Christmas for me last 2011. It wasn't necessarily a sad one. I just had blue things with me. Lol.

Here »»»

Blue nails.. Blue towel

Blue blouse.. Blue shoes


2011 was a good good year. Had lots of travels and lots of blessings. That's why I'm pretty excited for 2012 :)

I'm out :)
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