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Jamba Wamba

So it's really here huh? We went to see the place over the weekend. The place was packed and because we were full from dinner too, we just checked it out, took pics then left. We'll be going back next time to try the goods. :)

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Annyong haseyo

This is us... (in Liberty Island) trying to look like a Koreanovela photo-op :P

I wanna go back! :D Thanks for the ideas and pics Cindz :)

I'm out.


I have not been blogging for the longest time.

Updates updates!

 I just got back from our 3-week US/Canada adventure :) It was OZM! I will try to post as much pics and remember the stories that go with it.Two of my closest friends just got married. So love love love is in the air! Side note: I'm starting to have a collection of bridesmaid dresses. I now have 4 and counting.. ;DI'm contemplating whether to have my hair cut or have it curled.Work has been better. I'm starting to appreciate the perks of working for this company. 
Keep you posted on other kwentos.
CARPE DIEM! I'm out. :)