Thursday, March 29


My guy semi-surprised me with a spa treatment for my post-bday celebration. He was not able to keep it a secret because he needed to know my free time. And of course I wouldn't give him the info if I didn't know what it's for.. Harharhar.

Anyway, I tried The Spa's Lymphatic Massage. It was almost the same as the Swedish massage, the only difference was the strokes used I guess.

All in all, it was a relaxing evening. I made most of the pre-massage perks --- Sauna, jacuzzi, shower and the yummy tea!

Thanks my Dear for the treat :)

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Wednesday, March 14

Kikufuji Dinner

Met up with friends last night and decided we wanted some Japanese Food. So we headed to Little Tokyo in Makati and ended up at...

I really like how clean the place looked in the inside. We were asked to remove our slippers/shoes before "climbing" to our table, here's the group and our booth >>>

And here's our food ...

Spicy Tuna Maki

Tuna Sashimi

Tempura Bento

There are a lot of other bento orders but I failed to take pics since we were really hungry already. :)

Will we go back? Most probably.. because they gave us free Japanese Beer coupons to use on our next visit. :)

I'm out.

Saturday, March 10

Ang init!

This is what I want... NoW!

A tall glass of ice cold tea


It's been really really hot lately. Summer na! And I have zero plans to go to the beach. Oh well.. :( Enjoy the summer peeps!

I'm out :)

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Thursday, March 8

Goodbye, Big Blue

I said Goodbye to my 3rd office last Friday. It was bittersweet. I wanted to leave due to reasons I will keep to myself :P Anyway, I can say I grew a lot from being part of this company. They gave me the chance to step up my role in less than 6 months of me being part of the company, I sincerely appreciate the trust. 

Thanks and goodbye Big Blue... let's see if we do meet again someday (hopefully in another country na :P)

I'm out.