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Just a little more patience...

...and I shall be reunited with you my free time... :)

Next stops:
... Mt. Province for Holy Week.
...Bantayan for some summer fun.

Excited already!

Another Play to look forward to - XANADU

Xanadu is a 90-minute musical comedy with a book by Douglas Carter Beane, music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar, based on the 1980 cult classic of the same name which was, in turn, inspired by the 1974 Rita Hayworth film Down to Earth.
The story of the whimsical and comic musical focuses on the Greek muse, Clio, who descends from Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny, to achieve the greatest creation of his life - a roller disco. But when Clio, disguised as an Australian roller girl named Kira, falls into forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation, and Clio risks eternal banishment to the underworld.
The musical opened on Broadway in 2007. It has earned an Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical and a Drama Desk Award for Best Book. It was nominated for Tony Awards for Best Musical and Best Book.

More details here ->

At the Buko Bar

When we arrived at the hotel, after checking-in the first stop was merienda (snack time) at the Buko Bar. It's an Al fresco poolside lounge offering sandwiches, pizza, and light refreshment. It's located in the pool side of the main wing.

It was just what we needed because we were beginning to feel hungry and thirsty... I loved the wooden floor, stools and comfy couches of the place.

Off to the food...

Club Sandwich

Sausage sandwich


Banana Split

My order was the Club Sandwich and I shared it with my mom, it was filling. I was really full even with just eating 1/4 of it. We were surprised with the size serving of the Calamares.. it really can be shared by 3-4 persons. Papa said the Banana split was good and refreshing, Andy loved his Sausage sandwich and the fries.

Buko Bar
Shangrila Mactan
Phone (63 32) 231 8224
Hours 10am - 6pm
Cultural Show and Filipino Buffet : 6pm - 9pm
I'm out.

Beware of the Veggies

Andy looks real scared of the veggies and he's definitely staying away just like millions of other kids (and adults) I know. Haha!!!

I'm out.

The Room

I love the room as well.. so comfy.

While on our way to the room...

Andy jumped right into the bed to check if it was soft.. he approves!

Here's the rest of the pics..

I loved the room, for some reason it really made me feel relaxed. Proof that I really did? I slept until noon on our 3rd day. :)) Another thing that I love about it is that we had free internet access. So we were able to talk to my sister who's in the US and updated her about the trip and shared pics instantly.

I'm out.


... that was what went through my mind when we got to the hotel. It was my first time in Cebu and I was really just looking forward to the foodtrips and wasn't really asking where we'll be staying. So it was a nice surprise when I was told we were gonna stay at Shangrila Mactan. :)

The place was beautiful..

Especially the bar beside the pool area. :)

I knew right away this was gonna be one memorable getaway. ;)

I'm out.

Happy Me!

26 glorious years.. and I'm loving it! :)

My Bday this year was low-key.. just went on leave, woke up late, watched a movie, massage, had dinner with Arvic then shopped.

There's a lot to be thankful for of course:

...for having a wonderful, supportive and happy family
...tons of (free)trips opportunities
...friends friends friends (special mention to bestfriends, keepers, monthly daters, "sis"ters, s11-ers)
...for having the best(est) and ever-supportive boyfriend (Halu Dear! Thanks and love you! <3)
...for lots and lots of blessings from and silent moments with Papa God

I'm not afraid to grow old(er), because each year just keeps on getting better! Hurray for positivity. ;D

Thanks for all the greetings!


Thank You Cebu!

I'm back!!! I still have to sort a lot of pictures.. but allow me to say "Thank You Cebu!" :)You just gave me one of the most relaxing weekends ever.


Fun with Andy

Feeling Jabbawockeez with Andy. :)

I love that little boy! ;)

I'm out.


Over the weekend I had dinner with the Graus (Arvic's family) because it was his Dad's birthday. Dinner was at Rastro along Burgos Circle.

It was our first time to have dinner in that place and I really liked the ambiance and feel of that place.

Off to the food... Because it was our first time to try the place out, we asked for the food recommendation from the waiter and went for it.

Calamares Frito P180.00
Squid rings, dipped in batter, deep fried to a crisp

This was really really good. Crispy but not rubbery. The added lemon pinch was a feast for our tastebuds.

Oyster Pancetta P240.00
Baked oyster with bacon and Parmesan toppings
Really fresh! (according to Nana and Tita), I'm not an expert on oysters, but if they liked it then it must have been really good.

Salpicao P250.00
Beef tenderloin sauteed in garlic and olive oil

Loved this! It was tender and really tasty. I just wish they had a bigger serving of this.

Paella ala Catalana P850.00
Allow 45 min., chefs specialty, saffron rice …