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Snacks @ Kitaro

I was not a big fan of Japanese food up until my college days. I must admit that I just learned to appreciate it more when I started working and I still wonder why. Maybe one factor would be some of the dinner get-togethers I went to were mostly in Japanese restos. I also realized that Japanese restaurants don't just serve raw food, they have a variety of food choices to offer as well.

The closest Japanese restaurant in our workplace is Kitaro. The food is just so-so, but then again, if you're craving for it, the closest Jap resto would do. :) But this time around, no maki or sashimi for me.

Tofu Steak

Vegetable Lumpia (Beansprout, carrots, etc)


Those three combined just leaves you with the right amount of fullness in your tummy. :)

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said…
sa rcbc to noh? haha! i love gyozaaaa!!!
leydi said…
if u don't like raw foods, you could order their "toasted tuna maki" -forgot the exact name. basta it's toasted tuna skin inside (or was that salmon?), masarap sha! matagal na yun tho, meron pa kaya sila non? hehe
Rico said…
I'm not a big fan of Japanese food either. Wifey loves gyoza though.
There's this resto near/beside Manila Pen that serves quite tasy dishes that you might want to try. Sorry I forgot the name. Bu I do remember that we enjoyed their food.
Cza said…
@princess_dyanie - yeah! our beloved RCBC..hehe.

@leydi - yupyup, gyoza gyoza na lang muna. ;) oooh, sige I'll try it out!

@Rico - Ooooh, I'll research more on that place. Thanks for the info! :)
jeanny said…
Hi. Bloghopped from Kayni.

I love kitaro. Super love ko ang tofu steak, gyoza, misu soup, maki hay lahat yata ng food nila gusto ko. lolz

I love your blog by the way!
there's also a kitaro near my workplace (mga 3 tumblings and 2 kembots away lang) but i've never tried eating there.

i dont know why.

but upon seeing that picture of the tofu steak...


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