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Our Favorite BBQ Sauce

..of course must be partnered with our favorite ribs! Ooooh so saucy! ;p

We celebrated our 26th by having lunch at Racks. :) We have been 'dieting' for weeks now and this was our cheat day. We enjoyed the food of course.

No pics of the ribs.. we were too hungry already and forgot all about taking pics. I can't imagine eating Ribs at Racks without the sauce. It just compliments the meat really well. But for some reason, I have this feeling that the regular sauce is spicier than usual lately. Maybe my tastebuds are all confused with all the dieting I've been doing. Haha!

I'm out.

Another one of my Cravings

Lately, I've been craving for yogurt. And it's a good thing that there's Red Mango already in Greenbelt 3. Since the first time we tried it, we've been going back quite often..

Our favorite toppings: Blueberry, Mangoes, crushed chocolates :) Yummy!

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

We tried the GreenTea Yogurt too the last time we went and it was good as well. We shall try it with no toppings the next time we visit.

People are really lining-up to get a taste of Red Mango! I'm wondering if this will just be another craze just like what happened when Krispy Kreme opened up here... Hmmmm..

Bottomline, it's delish and I will be back for more. :)

I'm out.


A Buddha quote:

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.

No wonder girls love getting flowers. :) This was the table centerpiece in my friend's wedding reception. I love love loved it! It just makes you realize how beautiful our world really is... Now let's go save it. :)

I'm out.

Happy Birthday Ma!


We Love YOU!

My Popper Boy

Over the weekend we attended a close friend's wedding, and of course it was a very solemn and nice ceremony. As we exited the church, Arvic was asked to be part of the 'popping' team or whatever that's called. One of the things I love about Arvic is how playful he is. Just look at how excited he was as he waited for the go-signal to twist the party poppers.

And then...

Yay! :)

I'm out.

Rain Rain Rain

It's raining pretty hard again. Really hard. I can just imagine a lot of people panicking and really worried around the Metro. Tsktsktsk.

Keep safe everyone. Let's all hope it stops soon and won't last all throughout the night.

Prayers.. prayers..

I'm out.


Yes... It's Pyro Olympics season again sooooon.

And surprise surprise! It'll no longer be held on the Mall of Asia. It'll be at the Fort Open Grounds, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


Here's the poster:


VIP - P1,500 (inclusive of dinner)
Special viewing areas - P500
General viewing areas - P200

VIP - P6,000
Special viewing areas - P 2,000
General viewing areas - P 800

Now accepting reservations for VIP and the Special Viewing Areas.
Please call 568-6908 or 3840239 for reservations or visit

Hmmm.. Will we be watching? Let's see. It depends on my budget by that time. Haha!

I'm out.

It's the start of something New?

Another new layout for me.. Just because. :P

A friend of mine told me that my current changes in blog layout is a reflection of what I want in my own life... CHANGE. Hmmmm.. interesting.

We watched 'Julie & Julia' yesterday. It was entertaining, interesting and an eye-opener for me, well actually it'll be an an eye-opener for anyone who feels that they're 'stucked' with their daily routine. Just mid-way through the movie, I whispered to Arvic "I want to learn to cook". I shall look for a cookbook with simple meals that'll help beginners like me. :) Yay! Something new for me to do.

Must get ready for Daniel's wedding... Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

I'm out.

Oh Nicholas...

The romantics would call this a love story, the cynics would call it a tragedy. In my mind it's a little bit of both, and no matter how you choose to view it in the end, it does not change the fact that it involves a great deal of my life and the path I've chosen to follow. -Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Thank you Nicholas Sparks, You always touch my heart. ♥

Weekend.. here I come!!!

I'm out.

Are you Cultivated?

I got this from a friend. I was able to name a number of them and mind you I was tempted to google but I'm proud I didn't. I was on my way on numbering my 18th find already when Arvic sent me a list of the ones he named already, his list had 41. Oh well... at least we know now who's more cultivated between the two of us. Bleh. :P

Wanna give it a try?

The note says that there are 100 world-known personalities in this painting. If you can name at least 25, then you can consider yourself a cultivated person. Good luck!

I think if you click it you can view a larger version.

It's Friday!!!! :) Happy weekend everyone!

I'm out.

When hunger strikes...

...our taste buds seem to get numb and everything is overly delish.

Our Pasto lunch yesterday really made my day. It was just what my really hungry tummy needed. I was soooo happy afterwards and was ready to gulp down tons of wine over at the NBC tent (that's another story entry).

Pesto Pizza

I don't know if I was just really THAT hungry, but the pizza really was gooooood. Just the right amount of basil/pesto topping, the shrimp was cooked just right, I just had to have my meds first because I was allergic to shrimp but of course it didn't stop me from eating this one. It was delish! :) You should remember to eat it right away though.. because it gets hard easily. Anything that has pesto is starting to be a favorite, this is Arvic's fault! :P


Just the right amount of sour I needed to contrast the saltiness of the pizza. Great combination actually.

Then off to.....

we went.

I'm out.

Health is Wealth

pic is from HERE. Thanks!

I went back to the gym today.. and found out that I have low blood pressure and that I get easily tired already even if I'm just 15 minutes into running at the threadmill. =\

So now is the time to start eating and staying healthy. :)

Healthy food suggestions from friends:

- Oatmeal for breakfast
This, I may have a hard time doing because I'm really not a fan of oatmeal. Might consider eating whole grain cereals instead. Let's see. :)

- No rice
This, I already have been doing since Sunday. *congratulates self!* Surprisingly, it's not that hard to do. I swear I believe I was soooo depressed when I first tried this one before. So maybe, Mama was really right, "It's all in the mind." :)

- More fruits / fruit juices

- Lots of water
Which reminds me, I should refill my tumbler already. :)

I'm contemplating on buying a threadmill or other gym equipment too, I'll be reimbursing it, time to make proper use of our company's in…

Part of the Mafia

Okay... So if we're facebook friends, you'll notice that I've been hooked with another FB game lately. It's Mafia Wars! And it's all Arvic's fault. :P

So I've been doing jobs, collecting money from illegal rackets and attacking strangers just for the sake of leveling-up.. Then I get this random message from one of the people I supposedly attacked.

Checked on his profile and he's a guy in his late 30's, with a pic of himself riding a horse. Oooohh.. Haciendero? =p Hmmmm... so should I stop playing Mafia Wars now? =\ Haha! Naaaah.. The game's still enjoyable. Might as well just stay away from that person. Or maybe I'll ask Arvic to attack him. Haha!

Dear o!!! *nagsumbong talaga ako..* Haha!

I'm out.