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Vday 2013

This is what I got this Valentine's day and I must say that Arvic really knows me pretty damn well. He gave me food instead of flowers :)

And it was cute as well how and when he did it since I had no idea he went all the way to Slice after our lunchout to get these. "Ang init pa nga dear e" was what he said when he told me about it. Awwww. I love the red velvet and chocoyema cupcakes! Plus.. I shared it with my Mom and she liked it as well. Pogi points for you Arturo ;)

After 5 years of being together, it feels great to know that the kilig and pagpapakilig factor is still there. I'm one lucky lucky girl!

How was  your Valentine's Day celebration?

I'm out.

White Christmas

It was my first time to experience a 'White Christmas' so this is what happened when we woke up one December morning with snow falling....

Of course we had to go outside! Look at those footsteps :P

Layers of Snoooooooooow!
That's Pa and Ma

 My brother, Ivan  The mailbox

The mini Christmas Tree outside of the house
And of course..... ME! :P

It was soooo cold outside that after taking everyone's pics we rushed back to the house, had breakfast then drank hot coffee. :D
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Christmas 2012

It has been a while since I last posted in this blog and the reason behind it is simply because I was too busy enjoying each moment, food and conversation that I seldom forget to take pictures. And if you do read my blogs you'll notice that I always include pictures in my post. So there... that's my excuse. :P

Anyway... I'm back. And allow me to go way way way back to the last quarter of 2012 and update you with what I have been up to. :)


Christmas 2012 was extra special for me since we spent it in the US and we were complete (with an additional blessing named Layla!). It has been years since we celebrated Christmas as a complete family since Ate (my sister) moved to the US with her family. Initially my brother was not supposed to join us since he's busy with Medical School but I insisted that he followed even if it meant he'll just spend 2 weeks in the US. Quality time over quantity! :)

I think it'll be years again before we get the chance to do this a…