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Hmmm.. where to go?

This is what I'm feeling right at this very moment as I type this entry. Torn between roads, being pulled here and there by decisions I know I NEED and WANT to make. Oh well... This is what having a lot of free time do to people.
Think think think... choose choose choose.
Sabe ko nga sa twitter "Come on universe, please want what I want for myself..." Yes, I need that extra push. Again.
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

What a Feast!

We celebrated by brother's and my Papa's birthday over the weekend, so it was a weekend feast! I'll let the pics tell the story. :)
Pig on pig :P

Yummy Kutsinta

Duck (forgot what it's called)

Sisig and rice

Puto't Dinuguan

Yum right? That's what I love about family get-togethers :) Nobody's allowed to ask about how my 'diet plan' is going okay???.. Thank you. :P
Happy Birthday Papa and Ivan! :)
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Wining and Dining

We have been frequent diners (and drinkers?) at Barcino ever since they opened up at Greenbelt. We initially go there for the wine...

But lately we're loving the food as well.
Cordon Bleu
Bread Platter
Paella Negra

The bread was ordinary though, we were expecting different kinds of bread in a "bread platter", I wonder what happened... The Paella Negra is a must try. And the Chicken Cordon Bleu was yummy as well.
One main concern I have regarding Barcino though is that it was not just once but twice already wherein we were ordering for red wine priced at around P500 - P800, then we were told that that particular brand was not available so they offered a different brand, we asked if it's in the same price range of the one we were ordering earlier and we were given a nod (which means yes right???) then when we got our bill we were REALLY surprised to find out that the wine we had was in the P1000-P1300 range. When we confronted the waiter about it, he told us that he didn'…

A kikay kind of macho

One thing I love about attending kiddie parties is that it makes me feel young(er). The games, the energetic kids, the food and of course the giveaway prizes/goodies. :)
During Sam's (Arvic's niece) party, the kiddos were given temporary tattoos. And guess who got herself one too? ME!

It's a kikaybungo! :D Beat that macho men! :P
CARPE DIEM! I'm done.

Yes, I voted!

.. and I was voter 297 in our precinct.

My comments about the new system? I liked it. :) I think it's more organized than previous elections (well at least in our precinct at Nueva Ecija). I witnessed one ballot get rejected in our precinct, the old lady was disheartened. Sobrang naawa nga ako e... :(

My comments on the winners? CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you serve the country well. I'm still a bit disappointed that we still have "old-timers" for senators and a lot of "celebrities" won local positions, name-recall still works. When will most of us ever learn? Tsktsk. Oh well.

Time to unite, time to clean-up, time to be positive. Come on Pinas, Kaya to! :)

I'm out.


I don't really love LOVE greens, but salads like these ones make me love them every once in a while.

Earle's Asian Salad

Secret Recipes' Caesar Salad

Yes, I'm semi-cheating with all those turkey cutlets and eggs. But what the heck, at least I appreciate salads more now. :)

I'm out.

Glug glug glug

I have never been a coffee-drinker. I would like to believe that work-stress drove me to it. And yes, the Starbucks planner too. :P Since I've been drinking lots of it lately, I was a little curious to find out if too much of it would be really harmful.. and of course, how much is "too much"?

I found this site >>

You'll be asked to 'pick your poison' , you get to choose from a wide array of coffee choices. Next you enter your weight, special note: DO NOT LIE! :P

Then you get your results.. Mine is:

Okay... I think I'm safe. For now. :)
How about you?

I'm out.

Sugar Beach

While we were in Bantayan, it was a trip from one beach to another.. After a relaxing and enjoyable day spent at Virgin Beach/Island, we were given a chance to spend the next afternoon at Sugar Beach. To get to this beach, you won't really need a boat, you just need to travel by land via tricycle, pedicab or multicab. :)

We opted for the multicab...

And voila... Welcome to Sugar Beach.

The beach was really nice and clear. The sand was just like that of Bohol. Not as powdery as Bora but it was close. :) What I do not like about Sugar Beach is the lack of places or stalls to buy food and drinks. There was none by the beach.. well at least at the shore we chose to camp on. There are lots of cabanas for rent but are too small in my opinion. Most of the people who stayed in the cabanas brought their own food. Maybe next time we should do the same. :)

I'm out.