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I'm back.

After spending more than 3 weeks in the US, I'm finally back. It was a really fun and steady vacation. Spent most of the time there playing games and talking with my nephew and taking care of my new niece (she's sooooo adorable!!!! I love her to death!!!!). Look!!!

This vacation made me realize that I can go anywhere in the world as long as I'm with my family. This vacation made us closer and made us all realize that we should take advantage of the chance to go on trips together and spending holidays together. We won't be able to do it this year. Because Ate and her family will obviously be in the US and we'll be here. IF we do go there, Ivan won't be able to join us since he'll be busy with his Medical/Hospital internship.

There's just 1 reason why I still was excited to go home to Pinas. Arvic. I love that he's been missing me like crazy when I was gone. And that he never failed to say that he misses me. He never missed saying it, not…