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1 + 1 equals...

So I am now a Mrs. It has just been weeks since our wedding and we just came back from a trip to Korea. That country is awesome by the way, I'll talk about it in another post. Still thinking if I'll start writing here or if I'll continue blogging through our wedding site. Until that gets decided then I'm staying put here.

Hello world, this is Mrs. Grau signing in.

Mr. and Mrs. Grau Carpe Diem!
I'm out.

Alive Again

image from HERE thanks!

After my scheduled WFH today I went to the mall to withdraw and do some walking (and reward myself with some Potato Corner fries. Guilty pleasure.) Ended up in a bookstore and got depressed when I realized I have not bought a book and completed reading a book since early last year. Wow. So I spent 30 minutes just browsing around the store. I promised myself that after all the wedding preparations, I will go back to reading. Okay, maybe after the wedding na lang. I'll just end up making my eye-bags bigger if I start reading before the wedding because I have the habit of not putting down a book if it's really interesting. So there, promise number 1. 
Next activity was to cleanup my old email accounts. Got to the email where this blog is linked to. Got to check on the blog and saw that my last post was from August of last year. The post where I officially started to countdown to our wedding day. Re-read a number of other entries and realized how much I love …