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Lunch at Corky's

One of the places we went to during our US family trip last year was Memphis. :D And as I mentioned in my previous posts related to the place HERE and HERE, I did enjoy the place soooo much because of the culture, the music and of course, the food!

One of the places Tito Ed brought us to have lunch at was at the famous ribs place... Corky's!

Upon entering you're greeted by a wall full of signatures and pictures of celebrities (athletes, politicians, actors etc). We wanted to post our pics and sign it... but no one asked us to!!! What were they thinking?!? They were missing a chance of a lifetime. Haha!

The place was cozy, warm and inviting with all those brick walls and lights. :D

Off to the famous ribs. You'll be given the option to try it dry or with sauce. Our waiter insisted that the dry version was a crowd favorite but of course we just needed to try both of them :D

Ribs smothered with sauce

The Dry ribs
They also had their special sauce selection (you can see it on the …

Ripley's Believe It or Not

During our US trip as well, we went to the Ripley's Museum at Branson, Missouri. We wanted to go in but then decided that taking pics outside the place would be enough because the entrance fee was pricey (I don't remember the price though). Or maybe we were all really hungry and grumpy already that all we wanted to do was eat. :P

Hope you still like the pics.. :)

I'm out.

Color Coordinated

I still have nothing to do on my new work. So lots of free time to blog and browse through old pics. I was looking at our US trip pics and saw this. I remember why I took pics of this... we wanted to cheer up my younger brother, who was the only one who wasn't with our family on this trip.

Mama and her favorite color: Purple

Me and my self-proclaimed color of 2010: Orange
The reason behind it: I wanted my 2010 to be really vibrant and fierce

Andy and his favorite color: Red

And this spot is supposedly for Ivan (my brother): Greeeeen

All pics were taken at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Specifically in the Crayola store. :D

I wanna go back to the US. :D

I'm out.

KKK: Food Revolution

It's been some kind of 'tradition' or nakasanayan na to hear mass with the family on Sundays then eat out. It may be dinner or lunch. Depends if Mama and Papa will go home to the province on Sunday evening or not. But lately, since everyone seems to be busy with something, may be work(Me), school(the brother) or reunions(the parents), we end up hearing (anticipated) mass on Saturdays then unplanned lunch or dinners on Sundays.

So one fine Sunday, we found ourselves having lunch in a new place (new to us) at the side of SM Cubao. It was 'KKK'.

Browsing through their menu we found lots of food selections. Most of course are Filipino dishes. The interior and most of the decorations had a native touch to it.

I especially liked this piece made of recycled wine bottles

And this picture or wallpaper that showed some of our national heroes. I think that's Jose Rizal on the left  side.

Off to the food.

Lumpiang Shanghai - This was really good. Especially the sauce.

Sisig …

Shoot that Target

With all the recent carnapping and non-stop news reports about different types of crimes happening left and right, it's really starting to get scary to live here. But don't get me wrong, I still love Pinas. But we all really should start doing something about this. Be vigilant people. Be alert. Keep safe.

With that thought (being alert etc etc) I remember a recent bonding activity I had with my brother and Papa over the holidays. I have a feeling what we did is a pretty unique activity to do on Christmas morning. Guess what we did???

Target shooting!

My Papa is a gun-club member for the last 2-3 years, I even had been attending several gunshows for the past years with him. He's an officer of the gunclub of our town in N. Ecija. He's in the process of putting up his own target-shooting range at the back of our house. And that's where we were this past Christmas morning.

On our way to the back part of the house.

Unfinished target-shooting spot...

The bullets...

The g…

This really caught my eye ha!

We were at the Mercato Centrale FoodFest/Bazaar last weekend. My head was spinning because there was just too many food stalls to choose from. But this sign just really stood up.

Really attention-grabbing! Better than BonChon?
So we really just had to try it out. The chicken had 3 flavors, original, mildly spicy, spicy.

The verdict?

In fairness... it really was crispy and spicy. :) I liked it! Congrats Manang! :P

I'm out.

Little Tokyo

After a number of failed attempts to have dinner at Little Tokyo, finally we were successful this time around. Hello Little Tokyo!

Eventhough it was the middle of the week, I was surprised to see that the place was still close to being full.

It was nice that we were with a friend who knew about the place already. So he suggested that we get a table in the middle and not inside the restaurants so we can look around and order the specialties from different stalls. I guess we can do this as long as we order something from the place we were seated at. We got a table at Riozen.

So here's the food!

My favorite food that night... Takoyaki!

I think this one's called Karakuchi (?). It's Hot and Spicy Ramen with pork, beef, chicken.

My Katsudon

Maki and lots of Sashimi

Yumyumyum! I was so focused on the eating part that I forgot to take note of the prices. Oh well.. I shall take note next time because we will definitely be back. :)

I'm out.