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Oooooh Burrrrrrger!

The plan for my last few days in SG was to go to Funan to look for Mama and Papa's camera. By the time we got off the train (City Hall Station), we were super hungry already. So off we went to the nearest mall (the name I again forgot, sorry) to look for something quick to eat. The obvious choice was to go to Subway, because it was the first one we saw as well but then again we opted to look for more interesting fastfood places and ended up in....

We really liked the burger, it can be easily compared to Sango burgers here. It was a little bit spicy and super tasty. The crispy big fries, I liked! and the raspberry iced tea too. :)

And the chicken... it was in a paper packaging that had instructions on how to properly eat it. Neat! Arvic really liked it. We should have our Chicken Mcdo or ChickenJoy packaged that way if for take-out. LOL.

The verdict: We're glad we gave it a try. It's another first for us. ;)

I'm out.


During my whole stay at SG, I got to spend dinner time with different friends. One of those dinner dates I had was with Stesha and Wayne (one of the coolest couples ever!). ;)

They wanted me to try the soft shell crab at Thai Express. So off we went to one of the malls along Orchard St., I forgot the name already.

The Food.

Soft Shell Crab Curry

And the Pepper Soft Shell Crab (or something of that name ;P)

And the Tea that I love love loved! :)

It was a feast! I loved the food so much that on my last weekend there, I just had to have a taste of it again. Yes, I am allergic to crab! Good thing I had my allergy meds with me. :P

I'm out.

Singapore Botanic Garden

One fine day, after being super stressed from all the work. It felt just right to head on over to the Botanic Garden to surround myself with nature and relax my eyes with greeeeeens.

It was a huge place. And it was nice to see a number of people just enjoying the view and clicking the way just like what I was doing.

Now off to the pretty pretty flowers...

Saw a number of photogenic insects.. mind you, I was shaking while taking these pics, I.DO.NOT.LIKE.INSECTS!

It was a great day for me. I got the relaxation I needed and the pictures I wanted. Thank you Mother Nature! :)

I'm out.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Singapore

First foodtrip stop was at...

It was my first time in Singapore and I was told that I shouldn't miss having dinner at this place. I was really excited to try the food.

The Fooooooooooood!

Satay, something omelette (crab ata), spicy greens

The meat was tasty, I love the peanut sauce, I'm soooo happy I'm not allergic to peanuts. LOL! The omelette sauce and the veggies were all spicy. :)

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Spicy Baby Squid

This was one of my favorite dish in SG. :)

And of course, the must try daw...

It tasted like fish to me. :)

Food price : Affordable, I think a dish is just around $4-10SGD
Location : You exit from City Hall station and walk all the way to Esplanade Mall ->
Makansutra Gluttons Bay Pte. Ltd.
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-15 Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
6336 7025

I'm out.

Nice pathway to the pool

I was sorting through pics and really like this one shot of Mama walking along a garden pathway on our way to the hotel pool. :)

Greeeeeeeeen! Love it!

Saw this really relaxing place too near the pool area. You can just sit there and relax or go online.

And the pool area.. wow! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have a dip due to hectic work schedule. Boooooo...

I'm out.

Chinatown in SG

I got the chance to visit Chinatown while I was in SG due to the persistence of my good friend, Stesh (Hi Steshi!). She was determined to show me bargain prices for pasalubong pieces. When we got there, I liked the place right away. :) The colors, the people and the variety of things you can buy. The place was so alive!

I have to admit that the price was definitely lower compared to the pasalubong pieces in the malls (esp. compared to the ones Mama bought in Lucky Plaza).

After walking and looking around, we got to Chinatown Food Street wherein there was a long line of foodstalls. Yes, we had a feast. Food post will follow. ;)

I'm out.