Wednesday, December 30

Kids say the funniest things

I was asking my nephew Andy if he wanted to do jumping jacks with me today. The conversation went like this.

Me: Andy, exercise tayo! Magjumpingjacks ako sa may sala. Sama ka?
Andy: Ay bakit?
Me: Anong bakit?
Andy: Bakit ka magjujumpingjacks?
Me: Para may exercise. Para pumayat na din. Ang taba na natin e.
Andy: Ayokong pumayat. Gusto ko ganito lang ako. Mataba.
Me: Ha? E bakit naman?
Andy: Aaaaaah.. Masarap e. Masarap maging mataba.

Mind you.. he was dead serious with his answer. LOL. He really "grew" since last year. I was looking at old pics and here he was Christmas/New Year's of 2008 ->

Here's Christmas '09 ->

Phew. Just did 60 jumping jacks for the 1st set. 90 for the 2nd. For the 3rd one? Let's wait and see if I'll still be doing it. Haha! Hello healthier 2010!

I'm out.


kikainess said...

HAHA Let him enjoy the extra weight muna. Sister ko, pinagdiet namin, hindi na tumangkad. :|

docgelo said...

good luck on your goal in weight reduction. but you have the license to enjoy the holidays while it last =) btw, thanks for dropping by my site. i'll link yours for easy follow. have a healthy & happy 2010!

Calvin said...

cheers to a healthier 2010. Happy New Year.

im having trouble loading your site. parang mabagal. i think yung left widgets nagpapabagal. hmm or maybe it's just me. :)

kg said...

ay! lumusog nga sya!!!

alam mo, i asked wendy, who is chubby, to lessen her food intake kasi nga lumalaki na sya. you know what she told me? "mama, ok lang mataba ako. i love food eh!" :)

Chyng said...

Cute naman. Pag teenager na yan for sure kusa pa yang magddiet. Ü