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Wrestle Me! :P

I'm a girl but I love watching Wrestling! Yes, that's true. I remember watching the Royal Rumble when they went here years ago. I watched with Mama and my brother and cousins if I remember it correctly. I know it's fake.. I know it's scripted.. but it's entertaining. I also get sad whenever I hear a number of them are dead already. Just recently it was Macho Man Randy Savage.

He was a good-bad guy. You can't really decide which side he was on. I loved his friendship-rivalry with Hulk Hogan. Rest In Peace Macho Man.

I also read this article saying that most of previous wrestlers are dead already... around 25% of them. You can read about it here. A lot of deaths were caused by either a drug overdose or a heart attack. I was really surprised to know that Elizabeth (Macho Man's Elizabeth) died of a drug overdose. =\

So here's me playing with a friend's son's toys... Naaliw lang ako talaga na meron pa palang may gusto sa kanila. :)


♪ ♫ Like a Pyramid ♪ ♫

Why the title? Well, I have this pic that for some reason reminded people of Charice. Charice?!? OMG. Lol! I don't love her, I don't hate her either. Sakto lang naman.. :P I'm proud she's putting our country's name on the map at least. So, you decide. Totoo? Mukha ngang Sunshine Corazon?

I'm out.

Diet (na naman!)

I love weddings! I love the feel of it, the planning, the anticipation and everything else connected to it. If there's one thing I kinda dread about it... it's the taking of measurements for the gowns. Haha! Yes, I am a bridesmaid again. This time around it's for one of my closest friends, Aimee! She went home last week and we were scheduled to have our measurements taken. Oh.The.Horror!!!

We met up with the designer, Miss Gretchen Pichay. Here's a pic with her...

We were asked about what designs we wanted. We were negotiating sleeves for our gowns... hehe. She told us it would look really nice if we all didn't have sleeves. Pero pero pero pano ang arms na malalaki?!?! Yes, that was our dilemma. Haha! So when all was said and drawings were done, we all agreed that since this was our first meeting and initial measurements were made, we'll see as we progress with the fitting if we do lose enough weight to be confident with going sleeveless. And thus, the dieting …


Partners in crime. That's what we call "us". I'm happy I have someone to do crazy random things with. The adventure just never stops. :) This thought just made me happy today. And so I live you with this quote:

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. - Martha Washington
Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Love and be loved. :)

I'm out.

Memphis Memories (Part VI) - Elvis is Alive!


Next stop is the memorabilia room. Here, you'll see his awards, his clothes, pictures, and lots of posters and newspaper clippings too.

My reaction was: WOW. How can one person win soooooo much. The whole gallery is filled with memories and even tv interviews and performances were showed. He is such a charming guy. :)

The last stop is the family mausoleum. Just one tiny trivia: I was surprised to know that Elvis had a twin brother, his name is Jesse Garon. He died at birth. Initially the family was not all laid to rest here, but due to security (there were several tomb-thieves incidents reported before) reasons, their family decided to get the remains from different locations and have them all placed in Graceland.

It's nice to see that  a lot of people still leave presents and pay their respects. There's this one stuffed toy that really looked soooo cute, I wanted to take it home kaso baka multuhin ako ni Elvis. =/

Rest in peace King of Rock. Thank you for…

Memphis Memories (Part V) - Elvis is Alive!


Next stop is the Jungle Room. Look closely and you'll realize why it was called that. It even has it's own wall 'waterfall'.

Next stop.. was the outside area and the other room extensions of the mansion. The playground:

The ranch:

The smokehouse aka the firing range:
The pool area:

Elvis' dad's office: This was where most of the negotiations about his career, album covers, album music were discussed and decided. :)
Most of the paintings or artwork you see were sent in by fans. 
To be continued...
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Memphis Memories (Part IV) - Elvis is Alive!


So here is Elvis' living room. It's the first thing you'll notice when you get inside the mansion. Why? Most probably because of the colorful glass designs.

To learn about the history of the room... we had to click #31

It was said that the family spent most of their mornings here, waiting for their mom to ready up their breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, off we go to the kitchen and dining area.

If you look closer, you'll see that most of the appliances and utensils are old ones. Most of them were actually used by the family. Here's the dining area.

Memphis Memories (Part III) - Elvis is Alive!

During our family US trip last year, we were fortunate enough that we were invited by family friends to visit Memphis. This also gave us the chance to see where the King of Rock and Roll lived. :)

Ladies and gents.... Welcome to GRACELAND!

It was amazing that even after n-number of years, a lot of people still want to see this place. It was a nice surprise to see lots of people lining up at the lobby area. Whenever we go on tours I like being in a 'group' of people, parang dagdag sa tourist-y feel yung madaming tao. :)
Here's the lobby area. It had a number of souvenir shops.

 The whole place was subdivided into different tour destinations. There's the mansion, the car museuem, sincerely elvis (consists of memorabilia: records, pics, awards, clothes) and his airplanes.

First stop is... The Mansion! We went by shuttle bus to the site. During the ride, we were given earphones and remote controls.. you can choose the number based on what the tour guide instructs or what'…