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HK Day 2 : Trams, Colors and Heights

We were finally there... The Peak!

First stop... the Tram of course.. Up up up we went. :)

When we got to the actual "peak", the first thing I noticed when we entered the store was how colorful everything seems to be.

The designs/paintings on the walls...

Colorful bracelets...

Colorful shoes...

And really neat and colorful hats..

We found really neat Buddha figurines too. I was afraid to touch and break them.

And guess what.. we found Bruce Lee (again!)

After all the picture posing again, we all realized we were really hungry already. So we scanned available restos.. and guess where we ended up...

We were frowning because we were really hungry already. =P Haha! What I love about Bubba Gump HongKong is that their staff were really cool and the diversity of the staff's lineage is amazing. We were ushered in by Chinese waitresses, orders where taken by an Indian waiter, survey form was given by a Pinoy waiter and the manager is American (I think). Really neat! Plus.. food serving was…


Just today.. this became a part of my "wants" list.

I've been wanting a personal laptop for quite some time already. But the call of saving up is much much stronger. Well I'm hoping it is. Haha! My office laptop is a Lenovo and it hasn't failed me yet, so I'm sticking with Lenovo notebooks until I experience something bad about it. Plus.. it's pink! :D

I'm out.

HK Day 2 : Walk in the Park

Day 2...

Itinerary for the day was to go to Victoria's Peak then Ocean Park after.

According to good old wiki ->
Victoria Peak (traditional Chinese: 太平山, or previously- 扯旗山) is a mountain in Hong Kong. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak. The mountain is located in the western half of Hong Kong Island. With an altitude of 552 m (1,810 ft), it is the highest mountain on the island proper, but not in the entirety of Hong Kong

We started the day early and the group (together with Kai's Ninang) opted to take a leisurely (leisurely nga ba? :P) walk on our way there.

We got to pass by HongKong Park, where people were jogging, strolling and just taking their time sitting at the really nice benches. Such a different sight to see when you're in HongKong coz everything seems to be really fast-paced there.

And I love love the colorful flowers and really neat set-up.

I could spend the rest of the morning there just emoting.. Haha! :P One more thing I loved about our …

HK Day 1 : Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Lights

The evening of Day 1 was spent watching the Symphony of Lights, walking at the Avenue of Stars to look for our favorite Chinese artists and eating cuttlefish. :)

The light show was really neat! Nice nice colors. Sobrang ang dilim pala tlaga dito sa Manila. Tsktsk....

Anyways, we found them!!!

I found Bruce Lee..

Arvic found Jackie Chan...

I found my own Jackie too.... Haha!

And of course, my favorite! Jet Li!!!! We almost didn't find him because a stall almost covered his name up already. Tsktsk. They really should move that stall.

Yes, I will be overloading you with moooooore pics. :P

Walked some more and was ready to go home already.. then.. we found Bruce Lee again.

We were really hungry already because of too much walking. Then there was a stall selling cuttlefish and it really smelled delicious so we bought ourselves some..

It was good when it was still hot.. but then turned out rubbery when it started to get cold already. Good thing I just shared 1 order with Arvic. I made him eat up …

Earth Hour

I'll interrupt all the HongKong postings to talk about Earth Hour last night. :)

I was in Greenbelt when Earth Hour happened...

Nice! It was a successful Earth Hour. I switched off all the lights and unplugged the switches at my room before I left too. Congrats to all of us who joined in.

Where were you when Earth Hour struck?

WOW!!! I just found out from the news that the Philippines got the World Record of most number of community that joined and supported Earth Hour. Congrats Pinoy! Mabuhay! :)

I'm out.

Ngong Ping - Part 2

Off we went to ride the Cable Car...

The view was nice... Thank God I'm not that afraid of heights.

We got our first glimpse of the Buddha midway into our Cable Car Ride.. Go find the Buddha. :P

We got pretty excited about it already... then we finally got to Ngong Ping. Of course.. there were a lot of picture taking again.

We even saw the The Bodhi Tree aka. "The Tree of Awakening". And Arvic's "modeling instincts" made him pose away. (We weren't sure though if it was indeed the actual Bodhi Tree. Hahaha!)

The guide (the guy in red by the theater door in the pic above) approached Arvic afterwards, I honestly thought he was going to scold us for the poses made at the tree... To our amusement he said to Arvic "You can be the next top model." Funny! =)

We continued walking until we were close to the Buddha. It was starting to get hot and we were tired too so this was the closest we could get to it.

Waterbreak and IceCream break afterwards. Rode the cab…