Wednesday, December 2


We're going to a party this weekend that requires us to wear yellow shirts. Special request of the celebrant. I think I only have a number of yellow shirts... so I thought, I might as well buy us new yellow shirts. Good thing, we were just passing by David and Goliath that time.

Me likey! :)

I'm out.


Kayni said...

I think it's a cool idea to have some sort of a color theme for a party. I bet it's going to be fun.

Thank you for visiting my blog =).

Rico said...

They sell one of the best shirts in Manila. Cheaper too compared to ordering online via Threadless and shipping it here.
Sounds like an activity party. Have fun!

MrsLavendula said...

cool shirt!

Cza said...

@Kayni - Hi! :) Thanks for dropping by as well.

@Rico - Yeah! I liked their designs, I shall be back to buy more, bigay ko as gifts. :)

@MrsLavendula - Thank you! ;D