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Alba - Spanish Restaurant

We celebrated my parent's Anniversary last weekend and we opted to try something different this time. We always end up at Japanese, Chinese or Italian restaurants when we eat out. So I told them that maybe they want to try a Spanish restaurant this time, they said "yes!".

We went all the way to Tomas Morato to have dinner at Alba. I didn't know they have buffet during weekends pala. So here's the buffet spread...

Ma, Pa and my brother Ivan ended up enjoying the buffet selection while Arvic and Me opted to order our own Paella (Pesto Paella) and steak (with mashed potato and tomato sauce).

Alba had a good selection of wine, chorizos and dessert too.

Yumyumyum! 3 buffet + a few extra orders amounted to P3K++. Not bad, not bad at all. :)

I'm out.

A lifetime of love

Happy 31st Anniversary to my dearest Ma and Pa!

The kind of love you have for each other is awesome! :D I wish you more years of togetherness to share. :)

Photobooth Shots

I just noticed that  nowadays it looks like photobooths are a must in all kinds of occasion. May it be a wedding, a birthday party (kiddie or adult), debuts, and yes, even on baptism. I've been to 2 weddings, 1 kiddie party and 1 baptism in the past 3 weeks. And voila... here are our photobooth pics :P


I'm out.

French Toast-er

Two slices of French Toast at Starbucks costs P85. Whoa, I can buy a whole loaf of bread na with that amount. So one sunday night, that's what we did. :)

Wheat Bread
Evaporated Milk

First try...

Finish product...

Weeeeee! Success!

Carpe Diem!
I'm out. :)
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Gong Cha

Lots of milk tea stores popping out here and there in Manila. But so far, I really liked Gong Cha more than the others. It maybe because I got to try it out when I was really getting tired of walking around MOA (sidenote: I really don't enjoy going to MOA that much), in other words sakto ang timing. :)

Let the milk tea war continue ;P

Carpe Diem!
I'm out. :)
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Fifi is sick

I have 4 dogs at home. 1 askal, 1 rescued dog (looks like a wolf), and 2 maltese puppies. Our house in the province has more than 15 dogs, big and small. Yeah, we're dog-lovers. So you can just imagine my panic when I thought one of my doggies is about to go blind.

Fifi, one of the maltese puppies, had a swollen right eye. We all thought it was soreeyes at first, then wednesday came and it looked like she couldn't open her right eye already. Finally, we had her checked-up by the vet over the weekend. The verdict: Her eye was scratched pretty bad (probably during playtime with her sister Didi) and now it's swollen and infected. :( She got several injections for the swelling and the pain.

Brave little fifi. She's under observation and medication until next week. I hope she gets well already. :) She misses Didi. They had to be seperated to avoid rough playtime until she gets better :)

I'm out.
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Old Pics

One weekend my brother went home to our family house in Nueva Ecija and because he had nothing better to do with his free time... he scanned our old pics and posted it all on Facebook!!!! Of course there were violent reactions (most came from our older sister!). Most of the awkward stage pics were hers anyway. =)) We laughed about it. And here's mine >>>

I love looking at old pics. Lots of memories and laughter just go with it.

I'm out.