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Papa God loves us. Look at the beauty He wants us to see and appreciate...

I'm spending the week in Boracay with Arvic's family. God is great. Life is beautiful. Have a blessed week peeps! :)

I'm out.


During one of my trips to Singapore. We decided to meet up with a friend and have dinner at Ikea. :)

I was honestly surprised to see lots of people having dinner there. Once we lined up for food.. it was evident why.

We had coupons care of our friend who was a member of Ikea. :) We had free chicken wings!!! One of their best sellers.. Yum!

Kainan naaaaaa...

I'm out. :)

More than 10 years

I had my share of friendships gone wrong. Fate gave me the chance to experience meeting bad people along the way. Such experience taught me to surround myself with people I really connect with and that trust earned is much more promising than trust freely given.

I have been friends with my highschool barkada for more than 10 years already. We lost a few 'members' along the way for different reasons. I'm glad to say that those who stayed are the best bunch there is. :)

A number tried their luck in other countries. While some are busy with their families and babies. We all have our own lives to live but once given the chance to reunite, we do take the time to catch up and laugh. :)

The most beautiful discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart
Merry Christmas from us! :)

I'm out.

See youuuuuuu!

Our Boracary trip for this year will be next week naaaaaaaa!!! This time I'll be with Arvic and his family. :)

See you soon Bora... :)


I'm out. :)


5 new addition to the family. :) They were born 11/19/2010, 7:30am. Welcome to the family babies! :)

New life... Papa God is amazing! :) CARPE DIEM! I'm out. :)

Undas 2010

This year's Undas was different from the number of Undas we experienced in the past. There were less people in the cemetery, less traffic on our way home to the province, and less children making candle balls. Oh how we've grown and changed.

We went there pretty early to avoid the afternoon heat. Placed the flowers we brought, lit candles and prayed.

We went back in the late afternoon and waited for the bishop to bless our departed loved ones.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. I'm out.


So who were you this Halloween? My nephew sent over his pic (with his dad) to show us his first ever Halloween costume. Look!

Super Mario and Luigi!!!! :D It was entirely his idea. Good thing his Dad was game too. :)

I miss Andy more each day. :(

I'm out.


I was planning on deleting my friendster account already. For old times sake, I revisited the testimonials page.. and voila. I saw this... A testimonial from him.

Cza... My Darling, My Angel, My Dear, My Lady, My Sweetheart, My Bestfriend, My First Thought when I wake up, My Dreamgirl, My Last Thought before I sleep, My partner in adventures, My Addiction, My Fellow Freak, My Sweetness, My Weakness, My Inspiration, My Hugs, My Kisses, My Love... Girl whose captured my heart...

You bring out the Best, the Mushiness and the Cheesyness in me. You constantly Surprise me, Amaze me and put a Smile in my face. You make me want to sweep you off your feet every single time. And your the only one who I'll write something these cheesy for and post it for the whole world to read... :)

Awwww.. <3. Wala pa ata kaming 1 month nyan. Hahaha!

So I visited his page and saw my testimonial for him.

He's my happy thought, my answered prayer, my head cheerleader, my addiction, my good karma, my fe…