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I have a busy and fun weekend ahead. The whole family is ofg to Baguio in a few hours. And here I am trying to post a blog entry. :P Well, I just really had to post this because it's just sooooo cute. Before sleeping, my nephew has this habit of wanting to be tickled. He LOVES being tickled. So here he is laughing his little heart away..

Hala, i will surely miss this little boy when he goes back to the US. :'( We must make the most out of the remaining days of his vacation. :)

Happy weekend! Enjoy!

Carpe Diem!
I'm out. :)

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Iba pa rin talaga ang pasalubong ng bayan. ;-) Especially now that they're offering the 'Big Dunk'.

Sarap! Sugar rush :-D Thank you for bringing back the 'old' donut Dunkin' Donut.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.

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Varekai Day

So after a number of times of talking about it and weighing if we really want to see the show or not... Arvic and I decided last minute (like just the week before the show started) to buy tickets.

Then we started counting the days... we were that excited. And then our Varekai day came...

It was rainy that day. We took pics as we approached the big tent.

Of course we wanted proof that we were there... so here's our pics with the tent. Haha!

There were several booths just as you get in the front area of the tent. They were selling popcorn, softdrinks and hotdogs. Made us feel we were really at a circus. Kulang na lang cotton candy!

Here's a very happy boy with his popcorn and drink. Super excited sya!

Here's the inside of the tent... well more of another reception area in one of the "wing" of the tent.

There was a photobooth as well set-up by Sunlife (one of the sponsors), all you have to do is "like" their FB page then your photo is free. Here's ours…

Feeling old(er)

Coffee + newspaper combo.

Definitely made me feel old. But made me feel good too. Times are definitely a-changing. Frankly, I wanna freeze time... Parang ambilis ng year na to donchathink?

Speaking of time being real fast, I just been regularized (as an employee). This means I've been with this company for close to half a year. Wow. Well, here's proof »


Carpe diem!
I'm out. ;-)

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