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Leap Year Joke

So today I learned that in certain parts of the world girls are allowed to ask guys to marry them when it's a leap year...

I did that today, lookie »»»

And now I'm getting messages from friends saying 'Congratulations' & 'I'm happy for you' o_O


Well, at least now I know he wants to marry me. :P But hold all the celebration for now, it was after all, just a leap year joke. ;)

I'm out. :)
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Cartoon Camera

Last week I've been looking for apps to download in the Android market and found the app --- Cartoon Camera. And yes, I can't get enough of it. Look!

That's my messy room. I love how it even got the Royce paperbag detail.

That's my plate in the kiddie party I attended at TGIF last weekend.

Paper mat at Max Brenner's

Arvic having coffee. And my chocolate cup.

Pretty neat app! :)

I'm out. :)
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Got Ashed

It's Ash Wednesday again. The time of Lent. The time of sacrifice and of giving up something dear for at least 40 days (or for good if kaya). So what am I trying to give up giving up?


For those who really know me and spend time with me, they'll know that this is such a sacrifice for me. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day!!! I'm giving up another thing.. but I'd like to keep that a secret for now since everytime I attempt to do it, people tend to tempt me with it. Let's see if this strategy will be more effective for me.

What have you decided to give up for Lent? Whatever it is, I just hope we all get to stick with it for at least more than a week and complete it until the end if we can. Go go go us!

I'm out.

Crowne Plaza Getaway

I love staying at hotels in the metro. And I love it more when it's a free stay at a hotel. Hehe ;) One of the perks of having doctor parents is that everytine they have a conference, we get to tag along for free. This has been the setup since we were young. And until now, eventhough we're all beyond our 20s already every so often Ma and Pa still allow us to tag along and sleepover at their hotel rooms. :)

Our latest "hotel sleepover" was at Crowne Plaza.

Another thing I love about hotel sleepovers... The free breakfast! And during our stay at Crowne Plaza, breakfast was at Seven Corners. Yumyum indeed. :)

I'm out. :)
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New York Love

I miss New York! I have no idea when I'll be able to go back there but I'm hoping it'll be soon. Here are some of our pics taken in our trip to NYC last November. :)

The Wallstreet Bull

Miss Liberty

New York at Night
New York Police

Tiffany & Co

Weeeee... lights at TimeSquare

Wicked at Broadway

MUST.GO.BACK soon :)

I'm out.