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Come on 2010!

2009 was a great year for me. New friends, old friendships rekindled, great family memories. Thank you Papa God for another wonderful year. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. :)

2010... I welcome you with open mind, arms and heart. You'll be OZM! I just know it! *Cheers!* Here's to grrrrrreat(er) things ahead! ;D

HAPPY 2010!!!

I'm out.

Kids say the funniest things

I was asking my nephew Andy if he wanted to do jumping jacks with me today. The conversation went like this.

Me: Andy, exercise tayo! Magjumpingjacks ako sa may sala. Sama ka?
Andy: Ay bakit?
Me: Anong bakit?
Andy: Bakit ka magjujumpingjacks?
Me: Para may exercise. Para pumayat na din. Ang taba na natin e.
Andy: Ayokong pumayat. Gusto ko ganito lang ako. Mataba.
Me: Ha? E bakit naman?
Andy: Aaaaaah.. Masarap e. Masarap maging mataba.
Mind you.. he was dead serious with his answer. LOL. He really "grew" since last year. I was looking at old pics and here he was Christmas/New Year's of 2008 ->

Here's Christmas '09 ->

Phew. Just did 60 jumping jacks for the 1st set. 90 for the 2nd. For the 3rd one? Let's wait and see if I'll still be doing it. Haha! Hello healthier 2010!

I'm out.

Just because I was craving for something cold...

... we ended up at Green Tomato

.. for some Gelato!!!

The place is famous because of its Pasta dishes. But I wanted to try their gelato just because.. :) The verdict? I've tasted better gelato ice cream before but it's an okay substitute for my instant cravings.

I'm out.

One of my Favorite Games

In the middle of all the Christmas gift buying craze... We were able to squeeze in a trip to the toy store for my nephew's gifts. And because he is a very picky boy, we opted to bring him along and made him choose the toys he wanted.

He went around the toystore and we did the same too. I was amazed at how many kinds of toys kids can choose from today. AMAZING! I wanted to be a kid again.. :) It was extra special for me to see that my nephew wanted this toy...

This is one of my ultimate favorite games!!! And it was nice to see that it now has a Philippine Edition. Look! ->

How cool is that?! And the most coveted property (aka. most expensive lot/house) is....

Ayala Ave! LOL.

I'm glad that in this time of technology-boosted toys... Good old boardgames still live on. Fun fun fun times! :)

I'm out.

Christmas Dinner with Arvic

It was hard to think of a place to spend our Christmas dinner at mainly because we've been to a lot of restaurants already. So it came as a surprise to us when we realized that we haven't eaten at Cyma yet. We knew that the Makati branch would be more or less jampacked because of holiday dinners so we opted to go to the Shangrila Mall branch instead. :)

The feel of the place was homey. No wonder there were tables of friends and families having their holiday get-togethers.

Off to the food.

Our Appetizer:

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue (395)
Blend of melting cheese, sliced sun-dried tomatoes and Feta. Served with warm pita bread and garlic bread

I wasn't really a big fan of the fondue. But I did love the pita bread that came with it. :)

The main course/s

My Order... Cyma Lamb Chops (P420)
Shoulder Loin Chop. Charbroiled served with rice stuffed pepper

I loved it! It was cooked just right. I wanted it done medium-well. It was tasty and tender. I got the rice stuffed pepper instead of th…


Cousins and relatives came over last night for dinner and we had some sort of trial pictorial for tonight's Christmas Eve get-together. :) It was fun fun fun! I'm glad everybody was game. Here's us wishing all of you a MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

In our belen...

With our big Christmas Tree...

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

I'm out.

Wish Granted

Got my planner already.. this is my 2nd one. :) The 1st one I got I gave as my Christmas gift to my sister who's in the US already.

Thank you to my coffee-holic BF. :) This time around, I have decided that I will give this year's Starbucks planner a chance and actually use it. :)

I'm out.

The Ice Cream Bar

After the car trouble we experienced about a week ago. Arvic and I still decided to push-through with our plans to give The Ice Cream Bar (the one in Stock Market) a try.

Our orders:

Banana Split

And Yogurt

The verdict:

The yogurt was still not as delicious as Red Mango's in my opinion.
The banana split was okay.. the one we ate at the Filling Station in Baguio is still better.

Nevertheless, it was still the comfort food we needed after an adventurous Sunday. Here's the rest of the pics.

2 days till Christmas Day... I am sooooooooooooooo excited already!

I'm out.

Thank you Motorcycleman

Last Sunday, the plan was to go over at Shell Forbes to have the breakpads of the car changed, then hear mass at Sanctuario De San Antonio, then some coffee or ice cream at HighStreet.

Everything was going as planned, we were done with Sunday mass then when we tried to head on to Highstreet.... Poof!

The car wouldn't start. And of course, I panicked! ;P I called up Papa and asked about the car's batteries. Arvic's Dad came over also (Thanks Tito!) to check on the batteries. And it was decided that one of the car's batteries needed to be changed already. (And yes, our Prado had 2 batteries just in case you're curious as to why I keep on saying batterIES)

During times like this... WHO YOU GONNA CALL??? *Ghostbusters tone*

Of course it was Motolite Express.

Hmmmm... I have to admit, Kuya's uniform did remind me of the GhostBusters right? :) I love the service... we got our battery in more or less 30 minutes. That's 10 minutes less than the time they promised me thr…

The Food at Cafe by the Ruins

Now let's go to the food... We were told that breakfast was the perfect time to grab a meal at Cafe by The Ruins. So it was really not surprising to see that there were a number of people already at the place when we arrived. Menu-browsing was what we did next...

First stop.. the Season's Favorite:
Crispy Tapa served with eggs, chopped tomatoes and garlic red mountain rice

It was delicious! The Tapa strips were really crispy. :D

Next on the list:
Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Grilled Chicken

Too lemon-y for our taste. Not recommended for an early morning meal, you might end up with stomachache due to acidity just like Arvic. I'm thinking it's best suited for merienda. :)

Then... The Carbonara

This one had really huge bacon strips! It can be a different breakfast meal all by itself. Haha!

The Mechado

Everyone who ordered it said it was really delicious. It was one of the dishes the waiter highly recommended. :)

All meals came with complimentary soup too. The soup tasted like bulalo. :D