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For some reason, I always end-up either humming or singing this song today...

Love, love will keep us together
Think of me babe whenever
Some sweet talking girl comes along singing her song
Don't mess around,
You gotta be strong
Just Stop [stop], 'cause I really love You
Stop [stop], I'll be thinking of you
Look in my heart and let love keep us together

I have to admit that it does have a very catchy and uplifting tune. :)

Spread the love. :) A lot of people need it now.

I'm out.

Mini Miracles

I was at Starbucks Araneta Center because we had no connection at home and I still needed to check emails for work. Got to read A LOT of facebook status and twitter notes asking for help and telling stories of ordeals about the devastating weekend we all had. And I was thinking of ways to help... Was contemplating on going to LaSalle Greenhills to volunteer as well. Said a little prayer to ask God how He wants me to help then just a few tables away from me I was called to help two elderly women trying to figure out their laptop connection.

Women1 : "Iha, marunong ka ba neto? Patulong nman kami kasi hindi namen mapagana"
Women2: "Naghahang e, ayaw tumuloy.."

I checked on it and told them to remove the battery and the power connection then try to put it on again. It worked, so I went back to my seat/table afterwards. An hour after, they called my attention again.

W1: "Iha, isesend na sana namen yung document. Pano ba to?"
W2: "Eto yung email address o."…


"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth" - Baha'u'llah quotes

Come on Philippines, bangon.. tulong tulong tayo.

May bagyo na naman daw in the next few days.. here's to hoping that PAG-ASA is wrong (AGAIN). Hay.

We can help thru PayPal as well. Here ->

Keep safe everyone!

Too Early to be Positive? Not! :)

I went to work really early today... I think I was already walking along Ayala at around 6:20am *yaaaaawn*. What a way to start my Thursday. But all's good.. Early to work, early to leave right? Yeaaaah riiiiiight. =p


Anyway, I just got an mp3 of Paul McCartney & Wings' "Silly Love Songs".

You'd Think That People Would Have Had Enough Of Silly Love Songs.
But I Look Around Me And I See It Isn't So.
Some People Wanna Fill The World With Silly Love Songs.
And What's Wrong With That?
I'd Like To Know, 'Cause Here I Go Again
I Love Youuuuuuuuuuu...

With this type of song.. I just feel the good vibes pouring in. :) Me likey! Galing tlaga ng Beatle (1 lang kasi si Paul lang e =p) music :)

Thanks for the copy Dear... :)


Leaving you with a positive thought :

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.

I'm out.

A day with my Sanity Keepers

After months of preparations and a whole lot of email exchanges.. The photoshoot day finally came. :D It was a fun day with my Sanity Keepers, too bad a number of us didn't make it though (Sheen, Perk, Eliza) Everyone had their camera's ready for the shoot.

I just realized that modeling is tiring din pala. :P But it was soooo much fun. We really have to do it again. :) Where to next time girls?

I'll post other pics once I get hold of copies. :)

I'm out.

Resume Writing

pic is from here. Thanks!

So I've been updating my resume lately for proper documenting purposes only (yeah right! =p). And I came across a number of really effective tips that I liked from InsideTech. Here are the tips they pointed out.

1. The One-Page-Resume Rule is a big mistake

We all heard about this rule already. Actually, I myself tried to fit all information in one page some time before. I ended up still having a 3-page one. Too much precious info that aren't worth editing out. According to the tip given, Yes, we do need to be concise with the details but please take note that precise is not equal to 'force everything into one page'. :)

2. You attach it to your email as a Word document

I am sooo guilty of this. Apparently, the more appropriate way is to have it submitted in PDF format. This way, it won't be easily editable. And it looks neater as well. The biggest plus point is that whatever formatting you did to your document will be reflected correctly and e…

Another (Mis)Adventure

It was the first time in almost half a year that I rode the MRT again. I was gearing myself up for the heat, body smashing/bumping and long(er) walks. When I got to the station, amazingly I was able to buy my ticket then went straight to the train ramp in less than 5 minutes. "Nice!", I murmured to myself. Little did I know that my day was just about to REALLY start.

The MRT ride was smooth, cold and not that stressful. The stress started when I decided not to take a cab along Buendia and just try the good-old-jeepney ride that I convinced myself I already miss. And boy was I wrong. A drizzle started and we all know what happens when it rains and you're in a jeepney.

You either
a. Get wet, because people refuse to fold down the plastic window "covers".


B. People do immediately fold down the plastic window covers then you all sweat like crazy inside because there's limited breeze coming in.

Guess what happened???

Option B! Oh yes.. I arrived at the office feeli…