Saturday, December 19

Thank you Motorcycleman

Last Sunday, the plan was to go over at Shell Forbes to have the breakpads of the car changed, then hear mass at Sanctuario De San Antonio, then some coffee or ice cream at HighStreet.

Everything was going as planned, we were done with Sunday mass then when we tried to head on to Highstreet.... Poof!

The car wouldn't start. And of course, I panicked! ;P I called up Papa and asked about the car's batteries. Arvic's Dad came over also (Thanks Tito!) to check on the batteries. And it was decided that one of the car's batteries needed to be changed already. (And yes, our Prado had 2 batteries just in case you're curious as to why I keep on saying batterIES)

During times like this... WHO YOU GONNA CALL??? *Ghostbusters tone*

Of course it was Motolite Express.

Hmmmm... I have to admit, Kuya's uniform did remind me of the GhostBusters right?
:) I love the service... we got our battery in more or less 30 minutes. That's 10 minutes less than the time they promised me thru their hotline. OZM!

This is the second time Motolite express got to "save" me. Thank you thank you! Because of them, we still got to go to Highstreet to enjoy some ice cream at The Ice Cream Bar.... (wait for my next post ;p)

Motolite Express
3706686 / 8431111

I'm out.


kg said...

parang sa commercial ko lang yan naririnig ha! will keep their number nga!

Calvin said...

nice! parang sa commercial nga. abangan ko TIC Bar post mo.

Rico said...

Excellent! One time natulungan na rin ako nyan!

Dennis Villegas said...

Galing, maaasahan talaga ang Motolite! Do they charge for delivery?

princess_dyanie said...

yan ang ikinatatakot ko kaya ayoko mag drive! haha! :P

Cza said...

@kg - yeah! you'll never know when you'll need them ;D

@Calvin - Wish ko lang may bayad ako. :))

@Rico - Galing nila di ba!

@Dennis - Nope.. free delivery! ;D

@Dyanie - hahaha! Masarap ang may sariling kotse. :D