Saturday, December 26

Christmas Dinner with Arvic

It was hard to think of a place to spend our Christmas dinner at mainly because we've been to a lot of restaurants already. So it came as a surprise to us when we realized that we haven't eaten at Cyma yet. We knew that the Makati branch would be more or less jampacked because of holiday dinners so we opted to go to the Shangrila Mall branch instead. :)

The feel of the place was homey. No wonder there were tables of friends and families having their holiday get-togethers.

Off to the food.

Our Appetizer:

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue (395)
Blend of melting cheese, sliced sun-dried tomatoes and Feta. Served with warm pita bread and garlic bread

I wasn't really a big fan of the fondue. But I did love the pita bread that came with it. :)

The main course/s

My Order... Cyma Lamb Chops (P420)
Shoulder Loin Chop. Charbroiled served with rice stuffed pepper

I loved it! It was cooked just right. I wanted it done medium-well. It was tasty and tender. I got the rice stuffed pepper instead of the potatoes to go with it.

Arvic's Order... Cyma Fillet Mignon (P500)
Pan roasted, with rosemary, peppered feta cheese and lemon au jus, served with Greek roasted potatoes

Arvic loved his fillet mignon as well. It was cooked just right and was tasty and tender as well. Both courses went well with our drinks...

Okay.. I know I know.. Red wine is for red meat and white wine is for white meat. But I still went ahead and drank my white wine with my lamb chops. Mind you, it still paired up well. :P It was a nice and quiet dinner date with Arvic, just the way we wanted it to be. Thank you Cyma! :)

I'm out.


Calvin said...

mmm i love dining at cyma. healthy servings sila.

Kayni said...

wow, everything looks delicious. i'm a meat person =) and the lamb really looks good.

happy new year!

witsandnuts said...

I've never dined there pa. =) I remember when we ate in another resto, we didn't follow the wine rule. Just because kung ano yung type naming inumin that time. Haha.

princess_dyanie said...

i love cyma! super good for sharing dba? :P

Anonymous said...

Meery Xmas! sayang! dapat gbelt nalang kayo! we were at gbelt branch tsk tsk! - anonybee

Cza said...

@Calvin - babalik kami agad ulit.. a lot to try out pa! :D

@Kayni - Happy New Year to you too! :D

@witsandnuts - Naku, you should try it when you get home. Medyo pricey nga lang sya ng konti. Happy New Year Jo!

@Dyanie - Yup, I agree! ;D

@AnonyB - Ay tlaga... sayang! Kaso hindi naman kami saktong 25 nagdinner dun. Hehe.