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Little Quiapo

It has been weeks since tha last time we had a foodtrip. So when Arvic went all the way to Commonwealth just to have dinner with me when I get off work, I wanted to try one place I was really curious about, Little Quiapo!

We heard that the pansit and kare-kare was their specialty. But it was rainy that day plus, we both wanted some hot soup. That's why we ended up ordering Sinigang.

It was delicious. Just the right 'asim' we both wanted to taste.

For appetizer, we had mushrooms.

We were surprised that this was really good. Arvic loves dishes with mushroom so he really enjoyed this one.

Here's the rest of the pics.

I still have more pics ib my camera. I'll add them later. The branch we visited was at East Ave. area and we will definitely back to try the kare-kare :)

I'm out :)

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