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We just celebrated our 32nd month of togetherness last week. Just a few more months then we'll be in our 3rd year already. How time flies... Looking back at all the pictures we have, I still feel giddy everytime I'm with him. And what's even more amazing is that the fun just never stops ;D

Love love love! :)

I'm out.

A really interesting cafe name

While we were looking for a place to have dinner at on our 2nd night at Bantayan, we ended up eating at this cafe...

My initial reaction when I saw the name was "What's with the spelling???". So I asked around and found out that they intentionally misspelled it because they had a number of complaints when they first put up their sign. Hmmmm... I wonder why... ;P

The place was homey and looked liked an oversize "modern" bahaykubo.

I especially liked the place mat and the really nice tables.

As for the food.. unfortunately, there's nothing spectacular about it (based on what we ordered. For 'lutong bahay' menus, I always end up comparing it to my mom's cooking. And my mom's cooking is a hundred if not a millions times better than what the cafe could offer. :P Nevertheless, here are the pics.

I'm out.

Virgin Beach

Our 2nd day in Bantayan was planned to be spent at Virgin Beach. Manong told us that we can head there early and he'll prepare our food for lunch and we can eat there as well. We just needed to give him money the night before to buy the food to be cooked.

It was a 1-hour boatride from Hoyohoy to Virgin Beach (Island), as we approach the island it was evident that the water was indeed clearer there. Manong told us that Virgin beach/island was privately owned and that the caretaker charges an entrance fee for visitors to enjoy the beach. Costs around P50 each.

Yes, the sand was white! Not as powdery as Bora though, but it was secluded, as if we were the only people there for quite some time. During lunch time, a few other boats arrived as well. As our lunch was being prepared, we opted to go swimming and have a lot of picture-taking. :)

Group pics!

Lunchtime! Let the eating begin...

Sarap! :)

If only Bantayan wasn't THAT far, I'd definitely go back.

I'm out.

Hoyohoy Villas

I didn't know what to expect on our summer trip to Bantayan. I was in Cebu with my family just a couple of weeks before our Bantayan trip so I knew what to do when we arrived at Cebu, and that is to look for our shuttle that'll bring us to the pier so that we can go on a ferry boat to Bantayan Island. What I wasn't ready for was the long shuttle ride. It took us, 1.5-2 hours of roadtrip until we got to the pier and another 1.5-2 hours on boat.

Tired from traveling, we were just really ready to get to the hotel/resort to freshen up. . We were welcomed by colorful pedicabs when we arrived. Manong told us they were our ride to Hoyohoy Villas.

I'm happy the place didn't disappoint us

We were given complimentary refreshments right away...

Our villas...

Exploring the resort..

I really liked the place... the fun was just about to start. :)

Hoyohoy VillasTalisay, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island Cebu City, Philippines

I'm out.

Cebu Trip 2010 with Family - Foodies! Lunchtime Munchtime

So here comes the lunch buffet. :) What I looked for right away when we had lunch was if they had lechon. We're in Cebu so I expect to see lechon in the selection of course, and they didn't fail me.

It's not as good as Zubuchon or CnT... especially the skin (look closely.. kulubot!). But the meat was really tasty. :)

The rest of the food...

The SEAFOOD... Shrimps! Fresh and Kebab Style

Starch section.. Pasta and Potatoes.


My favorite! :D It was tender and really tasty.. the gravy was perfect as well.

And of course, DESSERT!!!!

Hmmm.. based on the pics, guess what section I lingered longer.. HAHA!

I'm out.