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My Dear Friend Anita

I lost a friend last week.
A dear dear dear friend.
And until now I refuse to accept the idea of not being able to see her or talk to her ever again.

We were blockmates during college. Became close girlfriends. And stayed in touch eversince. We have dinners and drinks at least once a month and we constantly chat via whatsapp or skype. I was just talking to her before she left for the US and was teasing her about not coming home since she might suddenly get married or something. She assured me I'll see her mid-November and we'll talk about her trip. She left for the US for a 5-week vacation last Oct. 18.. got sick in the US (they say she caught the flu or some kind of virus or maybe was already sick - blood results are still being processed).. then died Oct. 23.

Why her. Why this soon. Why why why. Life is unfair.

The first time I heard about her death was when I visited her FB page. It has been 3 days since she left and I was bothered that she hasn't updated me yet or she…

Friends Friends


I really treasure my friendships --- especially those kind formed in times when I really needed friends to be able to cope through something. I was given a chance to meet-up with my IBM friends recently. And it was fun fun fun! I really missed these people. If you've been to the bad and back with people, the friendship just can't be replaced or tarnished. Even if we don't talk that much like before, just one text message or chat would do.

Anyway, enough blabbing. Thanks for the friendship amazing people! See you soonest. :)

I'm out.

Baby Weiwei

Happy 2 months Baby Supladita!!!! Tita is very very very excited to see you na. :)

I'm out.

Sweet cravings

Another new find!!! Well.. new to us at least. Since it's that time of the month.... I am craving for sweeeeets!!! And this is the cake I really want as in NOW.

Pistachio Sansrival! Haaaaay... why why why do girls have this cravings monthly. Unfair.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.

My Little Chinita

And because I can't get enough of her, here she is AGAIN!

Sooooooooo cute!!!

Carde Diem!
I'm out.

Newest Addition

Friends,... I am an Aunt again.

My sister just gave birth to a very healthy (and really fair) baby girl.

Here's Layla

She looks like my sister and my nephew!!!
Congrats Ate! I'm glad it was an easy and safe delivery :)

I'm excited to see you on December Little Girl!!!! :)

I'm out.

Hairy situation

I saw this interesting application that's related to hair. And since i've been kinda obsessing about my hair lately, it was cool to see myself sporting different hairstyles.

Here's me with short hair and long hair

Hahaha :))
Carpe diem, i'm out!

Yellow is not Mellow

A few days back I posted a status in my FB page to remind myself (and my friends too) to surround ourselves with "sunny" people. When I say "sunny" I'm referring to happy, positive and carefree people. Why? Well for me personally I think it's healthy. In a world now full of negativity, jealousy and pain, trying to stay sane is a struggle. So we must try our best(est) to stay happy inspite and despite of a lot of things. I can say I'm lucky that I am blessed with sunny friends and family. I hope you are too :)

Stay sunny! :)

Happy Father's Day!

 We weren't able to spend Father's Day together since I think Pa hosted a firing range competition at our home in N.E. So bawi na lang kami one of this weekends :)
Thank you Papa! You will always be the number 1 man in my life. :) Thank you for taking care of us... for making sure we grow up well, for providing us with nothing but the best. We love you and I'm looking forward in travelling more with you and Ma. Kaya please na, pumayag na kayo ni Mama mamasyal hahahha! :P (Sidenote: My parents are such homebuddies)

Another wedding

This year is the year of weddings. Most people my age are either getting married or got engaged. A few weeks ago I got to attend one really unique wedding. This maybe because the bride is a chef (and is my 2nd cousin), the groom is a PMA-er. It served as a reunion as well for the family. Papa's cousins from Tuguegarao were all there. Another happy event! And really good food too ;)

Church was at the Universal Baptist Church in Makati
Reception was at Sofitel

Let the pics do the talking :)

Ma and Pa

Congrats Liay and Mark!

Carpe Diem!
I'm out. :)
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Plans plans and more plans

But before I go into more detail about what we're "planning"... Let me greet my guy a Happy 57th! (No, he's not 57yo hahahaha) We're just celebrating our 57th month of togetherness. Mushy I know. :P

Ang kyot mo!!! ;)

Moving on to making plans... We (as a couple) will be turning 5 this August and yesterday was one of those days where I suddenly have a panic-attack about the future. How and when can we buy our own home? Is moving elsewhere a smart move? Is staying here THE option? And a whole lot more...

So with all the thinking and panicking and talking. Arvic ended up telling me that I should learn to enjoy our "now". And it would help as well to think back on all the blessings I've been given recently. So list them down I did.

New job.
Sort-of new troopie.
Lunchdates with Arvic.
A new niece on the way. (Hi Layla!)
QT with Ma, Pa, Ivan.
Turning 5 this year with Arvic.

I guess it all boils down to being patient and grateful. There's a lot to smil…

First Keeper Baby on the way :)

Found this pic and reminisced on those fun times. Ulitin na dapat ang photoshoot! :D Maybe pag andyan na ang baby ni Aims. First keeper baby!!! Exciting times ahead :)

Getting fit

I've been trying to go to the gym regularly lately. Attending classes and running in the treadmill for 20-30 minutes too. This is my version of trying to get fit. I refuse to dwell on the weight loss but it frustrates me at times too. But it's a good sign that I feel that I don't get easily tired already. :)

Oh well.. Here's to more motivation for me. Let this year be the year of fitness for me.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.
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Alone.. Not alone!

If there's one thing I'm thankful for when Arvic finally found me (or when I finally found him :P) is that now I get to share all my craziness with another person. It's not that it wasn't fun being single and all, it has its perks too. But having someone to share random dreams, wants, weirdness and plans with doubles the fun ;D

Sudden rush of mushiness ha? Excuse the cheesiness of this post but it's because I just attended a cousin's wedding over the weekend.

Here are some pics. Wedding was at Tagaytay. Church was Our Lady of Lourdes I think. Then reception followed at Hotel Kimberly. :) Love love love!

Congrats Mark and Diane! Beautiful intimade wedding ;)

Here we are waiting for our turn in the photobooth.

Me alone...

Me, no longer alone...

Carpe diem!
I'm out. :)
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Tokyo Bubble Tea

The milk tea wars continue.. A lot of new tea places here and there and most of them are adding on food/snacks to their menu list. One of them is Tokyo Bubble Tea.

What I love about this place is primarily their location and the look of the place itself. As for the bubble tea, I tried their coffee, chocolate and strawberry flavor, verdict? Good. I love the small and big bubble contrast.

Anyway, here's the food.

Takoyaki and Chicken strips

It was a-okay. A little bit expensive imo though.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out. :)
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Cza-volver (As Arvic fondly calls it)

Yes, I have a new gun. It's a revolver. Papa decided i need to have my own gun since our house in QC has been targeted more than once by "akyat bahay" gangs lately. Damn them.

Anyway, here's the gun.

The paperwork and permits are being processed already.

So this past Holy Week break, I've been target shooting and practicing using the new gun in our shooting range in N. Ecija. Here's my brother refilling bullets on his own gun »»»

Here's Arvic waiting for his turn and in action »»»

Here's Papa, the veteran shooter »»»

I still am not a fan of guns. The thougt of pointing a gun on another person scares me A LOT. But i guess the world is a scarier place now. People DO harm other people. But blah, here's to praying I won't need to use it EVER on another person. Be gone magnanakaws, god bless you.

Carpe Diem!
I'm out.
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My guy semi-surprised me with a spa treatment for my post-bday celebration. He was not able to keep it a secret because he needed to know my free time. And of course I wouldn't give him the info if I didn't know what it's for.. Harharhar.

Anyway, I tried The Spa's Lymphatic Massage. It was almost the same as the Swedish massage, the only difference was the strokes used I guess.

All in all, it was a relaxing evening. I made most of the pre-massage perks --- Sauna, jacuzzi, shower and the yummy tea!

Thanks my Dear for the treat :)
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Kikufuji Dinner

Met up with friends last night and decided we wanted some Japanese Food. So we headed to Little Tokyo in Makati and ended up at...

I really like how clean the place looked in the inside. We were asked to remove our slippers/shoes before "climbing" to our table, here's the group and our booth >>>

And here's our food ...

Spicy Tuna Maki

Tuna Sashimi

Tempura Bento

There are a lot of other bento orders but I failed to take pics since we were really hungry already. :)

Will we go back? Most probably.. because they gave us free Japanese Beer coupons to use on our next visit. :)

I'm out.

Ang init!

This is what I want... NoW!

A tall glass of ice cold tea


It's been really really hot lately. Summer na! And I have zero plans to go to the beach. Oh well.. :( Enjoy the summer peeps!

I'm out :)
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Goodbye, Big Blue

I said Goodbye to my 3rd office last Friday. It was bittersweet. I wanted to leave due to reasons I will keep to myself :P Anyway, I can say I grew a lot from being part of this company. They gave me the chance to step up my role in less than 6 months of me being part of the company, I sincerely appreciate the trust. 

Thanks and goodbye Big Blue... let's see if we do meet again someday (hopefully in another country na :P)

I'm out.