Wednesday, December 23

The Ice Cream Bar

After the car trouble we experienced about a week ago. Arvic and I still decided to push-through with our plans to give The Ice Cream Bar (the one in Stock Market) a try.

Our orders:

Banana Split

And Yogurt

The verdict:

The yogurt was still not as delicious as Red Mango's in my opinion.
The banana split was okay.. the one we ate at the Filling Station in Baguio is still better.

Nevertheless, it was still the comfort food we needed after an adventurous Sunday. Here's the rest of the pics.

2 days till Christmas Day... I am sooooooooooooooo excited already!

I'm out.


Rico said...

And having ice cream while it's totally cool outside doesn't sound so nutty at all! I'm craving for my cheese ice cream already!

princess_dyanie said...

is the same in Rockwell? Yey! Go go go for Red Mango! :)