Tuesday, December 15

The Food at Cafe by the Ruins

Now let's go to the food... We were told that breakfast was the perfect time to grab a meal at Cafe by The Ruins. So it was really not surprising to see that there were a number of people already at the place when we arrived. Menu-browsing was what we did next...

First stop.. the Season's Favorite:
Crispy Tapa served with eggs, chopped tomatoes and garlic red mountain rice

It was delicious! The Tapa strips were really crispy. :D

Next on the list:
Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Grilled Chicken

Too lemon-y for our taste. Not recommended for an early morning meal, you might end up with stomachache due to acidity just like Arvic. I'm thinking it's best suited for merienda. :)

Then... The Carbonara

This one had really huge bacon strips! It can be a different breakfast meal all by itself. Haha!

The Mechado

Everyone who ordered it said it was really delicious. It was one of the dishes the waiter highly recommended. :)

All meals came with complimentary soup too. The soup tasted like bulalo. :D

To cap off the experience, we ordered coffee.

Yummy! :) I love their coffee! It's served really bitter and it's up to you if you'd like drown the bitterness with milk and sugar or drink it just as it is.

I just wish they had a veranda of some sort where one can enjoy the cold breeze while sipping hot coffee.
Will I go back? Most definitely.

I'm out.


Calvin said...

kakaiba yung tapa nila ah. mukhang masarap talaga. mmmm...gutom na ako.

PansitLove said...

mukha ngang panalo yung mechado!

Rico said...

Their mechado is diffrent from the mechado we're used to. It actually looked like roast pork to me.
But most of their food are great. They have good hot choco too! :)

Kayni said...

first time to hear about crispy tapa, but it looks really good especially that i love crispy food =).

dyosa said...

Nothing beats a good breakfast in a place like Baguio. I haven't been to Cafe by the Ruins. Hopefully, I can visit the place next yr! :D

Grabe Cza, Pasko na!

psychosomaticaddictinsane said...

nakuuu... i lovelovelove their panna cotta! :)


princess_dyanie said...

ay wala na ba silang veranda? the last time i went there was 2006 and meron naman sila.

bev said...

Looks good. Have been to Baguio a couple of times, but never got to eat there. We always do eat at OMai Khan. Just a couple of blocks (or just meters?) away. Probably have to try this out once I get to travel back to Baguio.