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Hairy situation

I saw this interesting application that's related to hair. And since i've been kinda obsessing about my hair lately, it was cool to see myself sporting different hairstyles.

Here's me with short hair and long hair

Hahaha :))
Carpe diem, i'm out!

Yellow is not Mellow

A few days back I posted a status in my FB page to remind myself (and my friends too) to surround ourselves with "sunny" people. When I say "sunny" I'm referring to happy, positive and carefree people. Why? Well for me personally I think it's healthy. In a world now full of negativity, jealousy and pain, trying to stay sane is a struggle. So we must try our best(est) to stay happy inspite and despite of a lot of things. I can say I'm lucky that I am blessed with sunny friends and family. I hope you are too :)

Stay sunny! :)