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I'm back?

I miss blogging.... there, I said it. I have tons of photo backlogs from my recent Singapore trip with friends, got home a few days ago then voila, yesterday we were in San Francisco and now I'm blogging away at 6am in the morning here at San Jose. Whattaweek it was!
I was checking on my friends' blog posts and decided that I won't be blogging until the whole vacation engrande is over then I saw that my boyfriend has more blogposts than me for the past 3 weeks so I felt guilty. I'll try to blog more often (keyword: TRY) as soon as I get the time and the free net connection. =)
Anyway I hope everybody's doing fine. Here's a sneak peek of us warm-blooded folks trying to smile in cold and breezy Golden Gate Bridge view deck.
Us with the 'Lone Sailor', he sure looks sad.

Keep you posted! :)
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.

Pie Tart Heaven

My first day back in SG was all walking and pigging out. I don't complain about the walking though, because we reward ourselves with foodtrips such as the one we had in Fruits Paradise.

I was expecting fruit shakes and desserts with lots of fruits so I had a really big smile when I saw these....

Now let me tempt you further...

Drooling already? :)
Here are our orders:
Caramel Banana Strawberry Mango

Sarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap! ;)
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.