Friday, December 4

Baguio Trip - Forest House (Part 2)

Let the feast begin...

It was cute that their appetizers were called 'Appeteasers'. For each dish in the menu, a description was written below it, which orients you on what to expect from the dish.


Calamares Fritos - P145.00
(Deep fried squid rings in tartar sauce)

Tokwa't Bagnet - P205.00
(Crispy fried pork belly with Tofu, Soy sauce)

Homemade Bagnet - P170.00
(Crispy fried pork belly with Papaya chutney)

I was not able to taste the Calamares. The Bagnet dishes were delicious and crispy. The Homemade Bagnet (which was our order) had tomato with bagoong and atchara which both really went well with the crispy pork.

The soups:

They ordered different soups.
Wild Mushroom Soup - P110.00
Bouillabaisse - P95.00
Potato Cheese Chowder - P 90.00

The breadbowls were cute. And the messages/quotes mounted on it were adorable as well. I got to taste the Wild Mushroom soup, it was really thick and tasty. According to my friends, the other soups were tasty and filling as well.

The salad:
3-dip Forest House Special Salad - P 295.00
(Mix of fresh lettuce, crispy cucumber, carrots, turnips with nuts, raisins and cherry tomatoes. Dips: Strawberry dressing, blue cheese, honey vinaigrette)

This salad I highly recommend you try. The vegetables were fresh (Baguio veggies FTW!). And the 3 types of dips were all delicious. You get to make your own wrap, starting with a big leaf of greens then you decide the ingredients you want to pack in.

The main course/s:

Forest House Wine Sauced Chicken - P245.00
(Grilled chicken breast with rich white sauce, mushroom and white wine)

Forest House Back Ribs - P310.00
(Charboiled ribs simmered with their very own barbecue sauce)

We pretty much ordered the same main courses as recommended by the attendant. I think majority of the main courses can be shared by 2 persons. The ribs should be eaten right away though, because it gets cold pretty fast mainly because we were at the veranda and it was extra breezy that night. :)

We ordered a bottle of wine as well, it just suited the ambiance and the food.

The dessert entry shall follow... ;D

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

Quotes engraved on the breadbowls? Good idea. Haven't seen one. Favorite ko ang bagnet. =)

ChaCha said...


ChaCha said...

nakakagutom! =)

princess_dyanie said...

wow bagnet!!

Calvin said...

mukhang masarap yung homemade bagnet ah. medyo bitin nga lang. teaser talaga hehehe.

MrsLavendula said...

looks good but i can't wait for the dessert photos!

Kayni said...

Now I miss Baguio more than ever.

Rico said...

Sarap nga food dyan, ganda pa yung ambiance, homey.

gourmandtales said...

one of the decent places to eat in baguio. love the woody interiors of this place

dyosa said...

Wow! The Bagnet looks delish! Grabe, namiss ko tuloy ang Baguio. The last time I went there was 2005 pa yata. Super tagal na! Must go back.

Cza said...

@witsandnuts - actually they were written in little flags attached to a toothpick. Still a cool idea! :)

@Chacha - kain na!:D

@princess_dyanie - masarap tlaga sya! ;)

@Calvin - yeah.. bitin. pero pwede na rin yung serving for appetizer, sarap!

@MrsLavendula - it's posted already! :)

@Kayni - awwww.. visit na! :D

@Rico - super! I'm so happy we tried it out. :)

@gourmandtales - I agree! ;D Thanks for the visit!

@dyosa - Masarap nga sya talaga! :)

The Mommist said...

Nice post! :) I haven't been here. The bagnet looks soooooo good! grabe!

Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back. :) TY