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The things I did in SSSSSSSentosa!

I Luge-d... (no pic of the actualy Luge ride though.. ;P)


Ran from the lift... Haha!


Saw the fishes...

And sang with the sea... (Songs of the Sea)

What a day that was! Now.. let's do it again. Soon! ;)

I'm out.

The Cutest Little Indian (Igorot) Boy

That's my nephew Andy when he was around 2-3 y.o. I think. How cuuuuuute! He's a big boy now... and he'll be leaving us soon. *sniff sniff* :( He'll be going to Chicago to be with his Mama and Daddy around June.

Haaaaay.. just the thought of it makes me sad already. Oh well, we'll visit him often hopefully. Kaya I really need to save-up for the upcoming US trips. Kaya to! :)

I'm out.

Cav Wine Shop - Cafe

Oh yes yes... Lamb is all you need :P

Especially if the dish was as good as the one we ate when we had dinner at Cav Wine Shop - Cafe.

Crispy Lamb Belly with
Malagos Cheese Ginnochi. Vadouvan Vegetables. Herbed Jus

It was delicious! 5 stars.. two thumbs up! ;) Pair it up with the perfect wine from their selection as well.

We had our Heart's Day dinner at Cav. We signed-up for their set menu for Vday that costs P1600/person. Not bad at all. It was a complete meal.

Free bread

I love the bread because it was warm and soft. :)

Free Appetizer :
Shrimp and Broccoli soup

Courtesy of the Chef. :) It was delicious, I'll definitely order this next time.

Veal Capaccio

This was my ordered appetizer, the middle part was yellow-fin tuna. Yumyum! The sauce was great, went well with the veal and the tuna. :)

Smoked Salmon

Arvic's appetizer, he liked it as well. The salmon was fresh and the sauce was great.

Soup: Duck Consomme

Not a big fan of the actual ravioli the duck was wrapped with.. the soup tasted…

Nice Laugh

Thank you aryehgizbar for sharing this. Made me laugh.. really. :)

The milk looked really bothered and confused. Haha!
Happy weekend everyone! SMILE, it's Friday already. ;)

I'm out.

Love love love

I was browsing through pics of our Vday dinner over the weekend, and I just kept on going back to this one...

Awwwwwwww... Perfect! ;)

And because I have gone down the mushy road already, lubus-lubusin na naten!!! ->

I love him for his intelligence, his sensitivity, his courage.
I love him wholly and unconditionally without reservation.
I love him enough to take risks.
I love him enough to accept my own happiness and use it,
in turn, to make him happy back.
Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed

I'm out.

Mr. Kurosawa

Last Saturday after a very relaxing massage at The Spa Libis, we went over to Eastwood mall to have late dinner. We ended up choosing Jap food over Italian and Thai. We ended up having dinner at Mr. Kurosawa.

The place was pretty jam-packed and there were a number of people waiting to be seated when we got there. We were lucky to be seated right away because we only needed a table for two. But we ended up outside.. not bad as well because I noticed that the tables inside are arranged really close to each other. One thing I noticed though, was the ceiling fixtures. They really looked cool.

Off to the food, our orders:

Tuna Sashimi

I wasn't able to take note of the price. I was a bit disappointed with the serving size. I remember really raving about the sashimi size from another Japanese Resto, see here. In all fairness, it tasted fresh and clean.

West End Wagyu - P399

I liked the Wagyu balls, it was flavorful and a little bit spicy, the pasta I'm not a big fan of. Arvic did like it I…

Post Heart's Day Post

Because we have a lot of love to give and the world needs a whole lot of love to go around. Here we are telling each other and the world that "we love you"... :)

The balloon was a freebie when we had Vday dinner at Cavs.
Spread the love love love. :)

I'm out.

Please Help Find Allen

When I heard of this news via text, email and facebook I just couldn't believe it. I knew he looked familiar. He belonged to 2-3 batches lower from our batch (CCS). A fellow Lasallian has gone missing...

From the blog , here's what happened the day he went missing:

"Allen's shift was supposed to start at 3 PM. Instead, he worked at home for a couple of hours then at around 5, he left the house for work. He told his mom that he will go home at 12 midnight, the original end of his shift. At 4:30 the next morning, his mom woke up and her youngest son asked her where Allen was. She checked his room and found that the bed hadn't been slept in. So she tried calling the office but wasn't able to contact Allen. Later that morning, she contacted his friends and some colleagues. His office confirmed that he didn't enter the office on Feb. 10."

Read more and see his pictures in the blog link above.

Please please please help find Al…

What a Creepy Idea

While we were on our way to the Esplanade, we passed by one long hallway that had several 'artwork' on them.

From afar we thought they were paintings, but as we went closer, we saw that they were actually pictures.

I asked my friend Aimee if she had any idea who they were, then as we walked some more and saw more pictures, we then realized that they were pictures of....

People sentenced with 'Death by Lethal Injection' and their Last Meals.... =\

There was even one picture that says that the man refused his last meal and requested for a piece of paper and wrote "I want Justice" instead.

How eerie is that?!.... I wonder why they had such an idea...

I'm out.

Instant Photo-Ops

While walking along one of the malls in Singapore, specifically the one connected to Meritus Mandarin Hotel. We found a really cozy area where people can rest from all the walking and shopping in really nice couches. While we were having a break there, we saw people seating a few couches away from us taking pics in the couch. We checked the couch we were seating on and realized that it's a pretty neat place to take some pics, and so we did just that.

His shots...

My turn...

Us two...

We really loved that couch! ;)

I'm out.