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Climate Change

The weather is starting to get unpredictable already. With all the earthquake, tsunami and earth shifts. Here in Manila, during the mornings it's a bit cold and breezy then when afternoon comes it gets really hot (summer heat). Which made me remember an exhibit at the Field Museum we visited in Chicago. It was all about Climate Change.

My Ate with the globe

Coral Crisis

There was an interactive wall you can leave notes on. It poses the question --->

And here are some answers:

Pretty neat! :) We really should start taking care of our world. Mother Earth is literally crying out for help already.

I'm out.


I turned 27 a couple of weeks ago and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm thankful for 27 wonderful years of life of course, but then the thought of me getting closer to the big 3-0 is something I'm not that excited about. But then again, I'm still younger than most of my friends. So yay to me! :P Anyway... celebrated with the family at Saisaki/Dad's/Kamayan.. Had birthday salubong with highschool friends at The Reserve, then movie/dinnner date with Arvic. That's about it! :)

Thank you Papa God for all the blessings and for another wonderful year ahead. :)

I'm out.

Work Woes

I've been wanting to ask this so badly... WHO INVENTED WORK?!?!??? and money and 5-day workweeks?!?? =P

I know.. I know... I just got back to working a couple of months ago so technically I have no right to rant (yet). So let's get to the details. I've been working for close to 2 months now, been with this particular client for a month already. I won't say where... but it's generally counted as a "local company" and may I just say that based from experience, local company culture is really not for me.

For my past 2 jobs, it's mostly multinational clients that I worked with so I'm comparing this particular experience with those engagements. So here are the things that I just find weird:

People "expect" you to call them sir, ma'am, miss etc. Especially if they're from "higher" positions. So when I send out emails, I have to double check and see if I put the correct citations just so noone would be "offended".


On being a sicko

I have spent this week being sick. And it's definitely not a good way to start my birthday month. :( But me being a positive-thinker and a believer that everything happens for a reason, I just dealt with it and realized a lot of good things.

First, iba talaga ang alaga ng Mom. I love it that my mom is just a text or call away (kasi she's in the province). When she went to Manila, automatic I had sets of meds right away, comfort food and she checked on me (for free! no doctor's fee =P)

Second, ang sarap din ng maalaga ang bf. Sa sobrang pag-aalaga nya, nahawa na rin sya tuloy. :P So we both were on SL last monday. Haha!

The simple joys and blessings of life. =) Thank you Papa God! It's friday! and I'm still sick but I feel a whole lot better already coz it's the weekend again. :)

Enjoy your weekends!

I'm out.