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Memphis Memories (Part I)

Yesiree...I surprisingly fell in love with Memphis. :)

The place just overflows with history and most of it is connected to music, particularly the "Blues". Plus, it's also the home of the famous Fedex Forum Stadium. Home of the Grizzlies. :D

I loved the different ball designs outside the stadium.

More Memphis adventures to follow..

I'm out. ;)

Balls balls balls

Guess where I am?

This is one of the state in the US we went to that I surprisingly loved.
The rest of the pics in the next post. ;D

I'm out.

Anniversary at Isdaan

We went to Isdaan at Tarlac to have a festive dinner to celebrate Mama and Papa's anniversary. I still need to get use to the idea of just us 3 going out. Dati parang ang dami dami namen lagi pag nagddineout. I miss those days. :( Nonetheless, it was still fun. Quality time with the parentals. :)

The food.. we have lots. But due to hunger (hehehe), I only got to take pics of a few.

Kare kare lang, solve na ako! :D Yuuuuum!

I'm out.

3 Glorious Years

We just turned 3 last month. I know the relationship's still very young but I just know it in my heart that we have enough love to last us a lifetime. :)

Thanks for 3 wonderful years of togetherness my Dear.. more more more! :D

I'm out.

Today I realized...

Today I realized how lucky I am to be with someone who sees good in everything. I think papa God really blessed me with someone this positive because He knows I'll need this kind of support and love to guide me to the right positive path. Hehe.

Today I realized how attached I am to family. The mere idea of leaving them behind to try life elsewhere is still foreign to me. When will I be ready? I still don't know, but for now I just feel lucky to be with the people I love the most.

Today I realized that I'm lucky to have real friends. The kind that won't tire of telling me when I'm starting to be silly and unreasonable. The kind who'll celebrate my successes and tell me to stop crying everytime I fail.

Today I realized that life is good and that I'm one lucky girl ;) Thank you papa God for all the blessings. :D

I'm out.

I was on-screen! :D

For a moment.. we felt like big hollywood stars. Why? Because we were in the Forever21 giant screen. :D

I think we can have the same big screen here too. We have gigantic billboards along Edsa anyways. But I guess it'll just add up to the traffic.

I'm out.

Old Love

I love "Old Love". The kind of love that old couples share. It's unpretentious, good silly and it warms my heart. I love seeing old couples walking in the mall with holding hands like there's noone else around. The simple acts of love they share like holding the newspaper while the other reads, or handing over tissue or handkerchiefs to one another while they eat. <3

I wish and hope I grow old and experience the same kind of love with Arvic of course! :)

Today is my parents' Wedding Anniversary. My papa calls it "Mama's victory day". It's because she won him daw. Haha! :) Happy Anniversary super couple! :)

I'm out.


While walking along Wall Street, we ended up passing by NYSE. And because a close friend of mine works in NYSE - New York Stock Exchange (Manila IT office), I just had to take pics for him. :)

As expected it was heavily guarded.

Us in NYSE ;)

Andy's poses.. hilarious! I have no idea why he's doing it.

I'm out.

Hello Miss Liberty

To be able to go to the Statue of Liberty, one needs to go through 'inspection'. There was a tent set-up before the ship boarding area. One needs to go here and have everything checked ala-airport style. :) Safety first!

Boat pics ahead! :D

Here we gooooo :)

Andy with Mamu (nice smile wani!)

Andy with Mamu and Papa

Andy saying: Small o! :)

And now finally.. we see her upclose...

We come in peace Miss Liberty :)

Lookie here, a color-coordinated cute family. I bet noone's getting lost. :P

I'm out. ;D

While on our way to see Miss Liberty

This was the highlight of my trip to NYC! :D I was soooo excited to see the Statue of Liberty. I was extra happy to see interesting things along the way. :)

While walking towards the checking dock area we saw little liberties...

We also saw the "American Merchant Marines Memorial" statues.

I saw seagulls too of course! :D

And a really gorgeous and big horse!

Then there we were... just a few miles away from Miss Liberty.

More pics to follow... ;D

I'm out. :D