Sunday, December 13

@ Cafe by the Ruins

The last of our series of foodtrips at Baguio City. Another place one of my friends requested that we visit was....

We all heard that they serve good breakfast and coffee there. So we decided to have breakfast there at our second day.

Why is it called "Cafe by the Ruins"? Well, according to their site ->

The ruins are a stretch of stone wall across the street from Baguio City Hall, relic of the house of the last [civil] governor. The restaurant of bamboo slats, poles and weaves nestles against the stone and lush greenery, its windows and sides open to the view and the clean Baguio air. Hanging plants, pieces of folk art, and craft and artwork by Baguio artists emphasize the soul of this café. Organized, owned, designed and run (they often take orders and serve at tables) by artists and art-lovers, its menu, changed quarterly according to the seasons, represents not only a restaurant concept but an ethos. The food reflects the ecology and rhythm of Baguio and the Cordilleras.
Hmmm so that's why. ;D

The interior of the place was neat and unique. A lot of art pieces, coffee stands, bookshelves, stoneseats, wall decors. So it was already a given that we'll indeed have lots of pics in different parts of the restaurant taken.

Now off we go to the food... (next entry... coming soon. bitin!)

I'm out.


kg said...

alam mo, i love places [and restaurants] like this...yung native ang set u0p. it feels so homey for me. i love the ambiance.

witsandnuts said...

Fave ko yung 4th and 3rd pix to the last. Ang sweet and cute!

Calvin said...

bitin nga. pero nice place ha. totally relaxing.