Monday, December 7

Forest House Dessert

After having a really filling dinner, we opted to move inside somewhere beside the fireplace because it was starting to get really chilly already in the veranda area. We were escorted inside and were seated here...

And because we liked our new spot, eventhough we were really full already, we decided that we can still squeeze in coffee and dessert.


Blueberry Cheesecake - This one's gooood. The creamcheese didn't overpower the blueberries. It wasn't that sweet unlike other blueberry cheesecakes I've tasted before.

Black and White Torte - My order! I loved it! :) It was like chocolate mousse cake with a twist. The creamcheese was delish, the Belgian Chocolate shavings were a nice plus, and the chocolate mousse was dark chocolate.

Chocolate Cake - Soft and fluffy. :) The caramel complimented the not-so-sweet chocolate cake.

I checked on their dessert list and coffee selection as well and there's a lot on that list that I'd still like to taste... They just gave me another reason to go back and try them all. ;D

I'm out.


kg said...

you went to baguio pala! ang lamig siguro doon ngayon! :)

i love, love the house you're in. it's so homey and christmasy! perfect!

princess_dyanie said...

drool drool haha

Cza said...

@kg - we love it too! ;D We will be going back sometime soon to try the other dishes and desserts :)

Cza said...

@princess_dyanie - magpacake ka naman! ;P

MrsLavendula said...

those cake slices looks so good!! i've never been to forest house...actually i haven't been to baguio in a long time...maybe its about time we take a long road trip!