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Feeling nasa Abroad :P

Guess where we are???

Well.. that circular tree thing is a giveaway... :P That's in the middle of Burgos Circle area. :) Isn't it nice? A patch of green in the middle of tall buildings/condos. A lot of people walk their dogs in that area too during the afternoon.

I'm out.

Thank you

It still amazes me how patient he can be with me. Thank you Papa God for blessing me with a really patient guy. He just gets my quirks and my mood swings. And he puts me in place. Keeps me sane too.

Home is just another word for you.
Little gestures. Big effect. Love it.

I'm out.

100 Green Years.. and a lot more ahead :)

My Alma Mater just turned 100 years today. What a milestone. :)

I still remember the day we paid for the reservation fee for DLSU. I wasn't really that decided to go to DLSU just yet but it was a good option to have. I wanted to go to UST, primarily because Mama, Papa and my sister were alumni of UST. We all grew up thinking we'll graduate from the same university our parents came from right? Plus I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, so UST was the obvious choice. ADMU was also on my list, it was close to home plus I'm pretty sure I'll have friends there and most of them will be from the 'north', really convenient. In the end I chose DLSU.. took up Computer Studies/Science, majored in Computer Engineering and met the greatest group of people ever and created unforgettable memories. :)

So if you ask me now if I think I made the right choice? I won't deny that sometimes I still have certain what-ifs I'd like answered, but most definitely I love bei…


This is what I see every morning when I get to the office early. Greeeeeens! Ang sarap sa mata. :)  I'm really starting to like this office site. :)
CARPE DIEM! I'm out.


The waiting is over. No more countdowns for us. He's home!!! :)

My nephew Andy is back in Manila for 2 months!!!! We are soooo happy to see him again after close to a year of him staying in the US. See our smiles ;D

Of course ang pinakahappy sa lahat are the grandparents... :) Miss na miss talaga nila sya. :)

And what does he want for his first lunch here....

Ang lakas talaga ni Jollibee sa Pinoy kids... :) Andy actually consumed 2 2-pc burgersteaks in less than 15 mins. Gano nya kamiss. :)

My June and July will mostly be spent with the family. More memories and fun times ahead. :)

I'm out.

Cubao's Getting Prettier

Last Monday, I met up with Arvic and had early dinner at Gateway Mall. We weren't really craving for anything in particular but we both decided we wanted Ramen, so we ended up at Teriyaki Boy.

We were seated the the couch area and got a really nice view of one part of Araneta Center.

I live near Cubao and I'm happy that the Araneta Center is getting cleaner and little by little being developed. I hear a lot of friends are afraid to frequent the area due to 'takot' of being held-up and the like. I've been living in Cubao for more than 20 years and I never (and hopefully will never ever) experienced being held-up. I'm even more scared of Taft, Manila, Divisoria.. Hehe. Biased ba? :P

Anyway, I noticed also that now there are more trees in the area. Lookie!

Good job! More treeeeees please. :)

I'm out.

Shoes :)

Yes I am a shoe-lover. I'm a girl.. so shoot me. =P Here's my two latest purchase -->

From Muji. I needed black shoes for work. Oh yes, may justification pa talaga. :P

From Naturalizer.I needed shoes with heels to practice on. Naturalizer was the best option because their shoes are comfy. Even the ones with really high heels.

O-ha.. parang pareho lang ng pose. :))

More shoe posts coming soon! :P

I'm out.