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Isdaan at Tarlac

Finally... Arvic got the chance to eat at the Isdaan (in Gerona, Tarlac). I wanted him to try it out because I really think it's unique and a nice place to hang-out with family and friends. Really relaxing... When we got there though, it was raining already. But it's all good. We still had fun.

At the entrance, you'll be greeted by our friendly neighborhood (statue) guard. He'll be offering you a newspaper too.

I love the native feel of the place. The whole setup revolved on the idea of Thailand-meets-Philippines. Buddha's here and there and a few Pinoy Icons Statues too (e.g. Ninoy, Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino etc).

And because the place was called "Isdaan" , you just really expect to see a lot of fishes right?

One of the place's attraction too is the Tacsiyapo ('Shame on You') wall. Here, you're allowed to throw/smash a cup, plate, or even a big TV at the wall to release anger. We weren't able to try it out because of the rain plus we weren't really willing to spend money to throw things on a wall. But it was another unique idea I must say.

Another gimik is the San Kilo Bridge. The idea is that one should cross the bridge with one pail of water in hand. The price? If you do complete the test, you get a kilo of fish for free. :)

To add to the entertainment.. Singing waiters were present too and were always ready for the cameras.

As for the food.. we had lots! But sad to say.. I was only able to take a pic of one dish. Yes... we were that hungry already.

Isdaan is owned and operated by BARRIO FIESTA GROUP OF RESTAURANTS so expect the same type of delicious food from Barrio Fiesta at this place.

I'm out.


ALiNe said…
sana bumato ka ng TV...hee hee!
Cza said…
@Aline - haha! yoko.. mahal! tsaka sayang! iuuwi ko na lang yung tv if ever. hahaha. =p
kg said…
mukhang magugustuhan ko dyan! ang ganda ng place. I love places that are native. yung bang para kang nasa loob ng malaking bahay kubo. and the food looks yummiee!
Rico said…
I've seen and heard a lot about his. Medyo out of the way nga lang. Siguro one day we can visit that too! I would have braved the San Kilo Bridge.
Cza said…
@kg - you should try to visit the place. :) it really is nice. :D

@Rico - Oh yes.. try it out! Then pahinging fish. :D
witsandnuts said…
I would love to try the San Kilo gimmick. =) I remember Shame on You was featured in local TV several years ago. Diyan nga pala sa Tarlac yun. I'd love to witness actual throwing. But I'm not sure if I'd try. =)
Anonymous said…
Sila Heart E. ang owner nito diba? Oh well, anlaki and ganda pala sa loob! - anonyB
bev said…
ok diyan ah. haha
bev said…
How long drive papunta diyan?
bertN said…
Anung klaseng mga isda ba ang pueding hulihin at ipaluto duon?
Cza said…
@bev - mga 2 hours galing manila cguro. :) nasa bandang labas pa naman sya medyo ng tarlac city mismo. :)

@bertN - Actually you won't be able to catch any.. Puro Koi yung nasa isdaan mismo. So no catching of fresh fish I think.
cpsanti said…
wow, it does look like a great place! ;-) i always pass by this on my way to ilocos (i think, kasi minsan nakakatulog na ako and i don't know where we are) but we never stopped here ;-(
i wanna try the taksyapo wall! :P

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