Monday, June 29


My family had a very sumptuous dinner a few weeks ago. It was at ARESI at the new Il Terrazo Mall at Tomas Morato. My brother-in-law works there. He's a physical therapist turned Chef. :) I was sure he was pretty excited (and maybe nervous too?) that we finally decided to come over and taste his 'creations'. I don't exactly remember the food selection we made but I can honestly say that it was all delish! Biases aside of course. :) Plus.. a dish may be shared by 2-3 persons. It was a nice, posh and intimate place to have dinner. We were told that a number of celebreties dine there over the weekdays, a few even celebrated their birthdays there. I'm thinking maybe because of the ambiance and the privacy the place has. And of course, the yummy yummy food. :)

Yum-yum-yummy food! :D The Chops, the salad, the appetizer and the Lava Cake were personal favorites..

Then we were given a whole cake from Banapple courtesy of the Chef :)

ARESI Restaurant and Bar
2nd Level
IL Terrazzo Mall
35 Tomas Morato cor. Scout MadriƱan
Quezon, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (63 2) 332-1941

I'm out.


Cha said...

nakakagutom itong post mo, Cza!!!! =)

carla said...

I've been here pero hindi sa new location nya. Sa old branch. :)

kg said...

ang sarap naman ng food! and knowing that your brother-in-law had a hand in cooking it makes it extra special. kakagutom!

witsandnuts said...

I can imagine the pressure on your turned Chef brother-in-law. Everything looks yummy!

Cza said...

@Cha - haha! ako din nagutom nga bigla e.

@carla - ah really.. :) nice! I think they were located a few blocks from Il Terrazo before.

@kg - yes. :D It's nice to have a chef in the family. Haha!

@witsandnuts - It was! :D You should try it when you go home. :D

Rico said...

Wow! Everything looks good nga. Anung dish yung nasa third pic? The pizza looks good too!

Cza said...

@Rico - Naku... the 3rd dish.. that was the appetizer. I'll ask about the name. It was cheese with pesto and some wonderful cream. :D

carla said...

^parang it looks liked a Spinach Artichoke dip :)