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Pabst, the World's Ugliest Dog

Pic is from here. Thanks!

He's Pabst and according to the Yahoo news page, he just won the annual contest 'The World's Ugliest Dog'

He still looks pretty cute to me. There are no ugly doggies.. :P Plus.. he just earned his owner a $1600 prize, an endorsement deal and lots of freebies. Go doggie Go! :D


I'm out.


kg said…
i'm sure ive seen some uglier dogs...

this one resmebles a human being, don't you think?
Rico said…
They call that "ugly"?! Dapat yata sinali ko yung aso ng kapit bahay namin ah! Sayang yung $1600!
Cza said…
@kg - yeah.. i think so too. :D I can imagine a guy looking like that. Hahaha!

@Rico - Hahaha! Exactly what I had in mind too. Sayang ang money. :D
Anonymous said…
All dogs are cute! - anonyb
leda said…
omg panget nga sha (cute na pagkapanget) i wonder if he understands his award...poor dog. hehehe!
leydi said…
(alt tab topic!) pano mo nagawa ung blog list sa left side na merong title ng recent post? i want!!! hehe
leda said…
okay nagawa ko na! (napa butingting ako ng blogger bigla hehehe)

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