Thursday, June 18

Hurray for Kids

Sometimes when I'm really stressed, there's this part of me that wishes I was a kid a again. I miss the carefree lifestyle. I miss miss miss the asking for baon part most I think. I get a kick out of talking to my nephew everytime I get the chance to. He makes me feel like a kid again.. The way he's amazed with every new things he learns, it's really endearing. He's growing up too fast though.. sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a mature person already. :) But then again.. he still believes that me(his tita) and my brother(his tito) had pokemon pets before. So I guess I still have a couple of years to go before he realizes that the pokemon story was made up. :P

I found pics of him having fun in the pool... just look at how happy and excited he looks!!! I love kids... the world is such a big playground in their eyes. :)

I hope we all keep in touch with that little kid inside each of us... it'll make us appreciate life more. :)

I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

ilang taon na nephew mo? yeah, kids are adorable! :)

Adrian said...

Thank you also :)

kg said...

ay cza! totoo yan! being young at heart is such a good, good thing! and it helps na we are surrounded by kids!

Rico said...

OO nga! We have the same mood today, to be a kid again.

Cza said...

@princess_dyanie - 7 :D

@Adrian - Hey! :)

@kg - true! I totally agree.. minsan lang nakakadrain sila ng energy. Hehehe.

@Rico - What I would give to be that way again... Hehehe. :)

kikainess said...

until now, my sister still believes that my mom and other sister were chased by a dog while they were riding their bikes...and that inakyat nila yung gate to escape from the dog.
My sister is 23. ;)