Monday, June 1

Back to School - Back to Work

Pic is from here. Thanks!
It's 'Back-to-School' Day for most kiddos today. And while I was driving on my way to work today I noticed a number of them on their way to school already. Some were kinda skipping and looked really excited while most were frowning and I even saw a number of them crying. Hehehe. Suck it up kids, unfortunately Summer is officially over and you really don't have a choice. Don't worry, we (grownups) feel that way every single Monday. Hehe. =P And there I go, reminding myself that's it's my dreaded Monday again. Oh well.. Life goes on. I guess I should just 'suck it up' too.
Good morning Peeps! :) Have a great start of the week.
I'm out.


Goomba Face said...

Sabi nila dapat daw we should love Mondays more. Because of the weekend hangover, we have an excuse to relax ng konti sa work. Unlike pag Friday na naghahabol matapos yung tasks para makagimik ng maaga. :P

witsandnuts said...

Monday blues! I still remember how excited I was to use my new notebooks and other stuff during opening of classes.

kg said...

my daughter's first day of school is on wednesday pa, and she says "she's not yet ready". he! he! palusot!

Cza said...

@Goomba Face - Sa bagay.. good point! Pero naman, stressful tlaga ang mondays ko e. Walang excuse e. :P

@witsandnuts - Haha! Awwww.. notebooks. i miss shopping for those. Ngayon parang "notebooks", laptop na yung nasa isip. :)

@kg - haha! how cute! :D