Friday, June 5

Sanity Keepers Anniversary

Dear Keepers (ChaCha, Perky, Eliza, Aims, Kikai, Sheen, Doodles, Mark, Revo)

We've been through a lot already and I can say that I'm really happy to have spent memorable times of my first working years with you guys and gals. Thank you for bearing with me and for 'keeping me sane' during hectic work days and most especially during night-shifts. We've been each other's instant kakampis and sumbungans. And you're my reliable 'help' and 'ESC' buttons too. I miss the pantry fiestas already!

Tomorrow marks our 4th year anniversary!!!
I love you all to bits.
Cheers to 4 years of friendship and a whole lot more to come.

Care to 'do the funk' one last time again? Hahahaha! :P

I'm out.


Eliza said...

Wow!! 4 years na!! Bat ang bilis naman??

Cza said...

Oh yes.. parang kailan lang e noh. Galing! :D