Sunday, June 7

Stress-free Weekend

I decided that this weekend was going to be a 'stress-relief' weekend. So I went all the way to SM-Mall Of Asia to spend 3-4 hours at the salon, have a hearty luncher (lunch-dinner) with Arvic at Don Henrico's, then finished the night off by singing the night away videoke-style with my bestfriend James and my irog Manuel at Music 88, Blue Wave. Now that's my kind of Saturday.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Mr. Smiley says hello! :)

Hello healthy hair! :)

Yummy Buffalo Wings at Don Henrico's

Welcome to Music 88

Seafood Platter

Let the singing begin...

It was a fun night spent with super fun peeps. Must do that again. :) Thanks guys!

I'm out.


kg said...

what a nice way to end and start the week! so relaxing! nice one cza! you must do this every week! he! he!

have a great week!

Cha said...

ang kulit nung smiley.. =)

Cza said...

@kg - oh yes. I will strive to make every weekend like that. minus the gastos hopefully. hehe! :D

@Cha - nice noh? :D

Rico said...

Naka-recharge yung ganyang weekend. SInging your hearts (and lungs) out!
I know how you hate Mondays, so Happy Monday!

Cza said...

@Rico - haha! Happy Monday to you too.. :D

ALiNe said...

namiss ko ang buffalo wings!

Cza said...

@Aline - tara!!! kain tayo. :D

Cha said...

di ko pa nakita new hair mo, Cza! =)

Cza said...

@Cha - o nga e.. hindi pa tayo nagkikita ulit!