Thursday, May 7

Wanted Old Shoes

Got this from Debbie. Thanks Debs! :P

The pic is too small?

Here are the details:

You can bring old BUT functional rubber shoes of any brand to an Adidas store and you can get...

- PHP1000 discount on an Adidas pair (Regular selling price PHP3000 and above)

- PHP500 discount on an Adidas pair (Regular selling price PHP1500 to PHP2999)

Only functional sports shoes are valid for the discount. The old shoes will go to Pamulaan Center for Indigenous People. Promo runs from May 1-17 in over 100 participating Adidas Stores nationwide.

What a great promo! Go check your shoe-racks for shoes you can donate. :)


I'm out.


Eliza said...

Wow! Galing ng promo na yan ah. Mahalungkat na yung cabinet ko hehehe

witsandnuts said...

Wow, this is a nice promo. I'd probably participate if I'm there.