Thursday, May 28

Wanna Be Artist

I wish I had artistic skills... If that were the case then I'll be able to make pretty shirts like this one ->

Then I'll make money out of it and live happily ever after. Hahaha! Okay okay.. that's a little far-fetched. But seriously, I'll definitely make the most out of the talent and it'll be my little stress-therapy too. Oh well.. I'll try to hone my 'other' skills, if I ever do get to discover what they are. :P

I'm out.


Rico said...

Ako rin minsan I want to have artistic abilities, para naman kahit papaano ma-appreciate ko talaga yung art, at syempre para rin kumita ng extra ;)

witsandnuts said...

I believe there's an inherent artistic side in everyone. We just need to unleash it. =)

princess_dyanie said...

naku yan din ang pangarap ko! ang mahalin ako ng art! mahal ko naman ang art pero parang ayaw nya sakin! ayoko na ng art of letting go at art of waiting ha! saulo ko na ata sila! hahaha! :P

dyosa said...

Shopping is an artistic skill. ;-)

Cza said...

@Rico - Di ba? Di ba? Oh well.. wish wish. :)

@witsandnuts - I shall do that :)

@princess_dyanie - hahaha! Ipagpilitan naten sarili naten. :P

@dyosa - AMEN! :D