Monday, May 11

Munching at Madison

My good friend Meg celebrated her birthday with us last week and we got to eat at Madison. At first we were planning on getting the pizza as we have the option of actually creating our own pizza masterpiece! But then again, we all decided that we were tired from work already and that we would be coming back again to make our own pizza on a weekend. :)

So hungry as we are, we just scanned their menu and got to order the following:

Mushroom Soup With truffle essence and fried parsley

Sauteed Littleneck Clams, Parsley, Garlic Butter

Madison Rotisserie:
Rosemary Citrus Chicken
Maple Orange Marinated Chicken

Unfortunately.. we only got to take pics of a number of dishes.

I personally liked the complementary bread. :)

And the place itself was really nice and comfy too.

Thanks for the treat Meg! :) Happy Birthday to you and Cindy! :)

Madison, Greenbelt 5

Phase 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center

Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 756-9000

We will be back for the Pizza-making, Gourmet Sandwiches and maybe the Steaks too. :)

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

Dapat talaga hindi ako nagb-bloghop pag gutom. Super hungry ako ngayon dahil sa post mo. Hahaha. I liked your new layout. =)

Cza said...

Hahaha Thanks! :) Go grab something to eat :)

Rico said...

Very nice rustic ceiling!
How was the food?

Cza said...

@Rico - Hello! I liked the Rosemary Citrus Chicken. It was good. As for the soup.. I still prefer the mushroom soup at StockMarket or Katre.